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Grand Forks restaurants feature prize winning brew

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Gary Warner recently won a home brewing competition hosted by the Blue Moose in Grand Forks.

He impressed the judges with his Half-A-Moose Hefeweizen, a German wheat beer flavored with Bananas and cloves.

Half Brothers Brewing is teaming up with the Blue Moose to produce Gary's beer for a limited run.

Gary has been brewing with his buddies for about a decade... they got chance to go to Half Brothers and help brew his recipe on their equipment.

"It was really special,” said Warner. “We had a blast and it was really a great time. I would've never believed that I was able to do that, you know something in my life, that I would've thought my beer would ever be on tap, and now I can say 'my beer's on tap'. I'm very pleased"

Gary's beer will be available on tap at the Blue Moose and Half Brothers Brewing Company for as long as supplies last.

They brewed 300 gallons.