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Someone plowed the Greenway, and local leaders aren't happy

Photo courtesy of Grand Forks Greenway

Greenway officials are trying to find out who plowed snow from a portion of the Grand Forks Greenway reserved for a ski trail.

The snow was removed from the Greenway’s lower trail in the Sunbeam area south of 32nd Avenue South in Grand Forks, Greenway staff wrote in an announcement.

"Removing the snow chips away at the snow base we need for grooming that trail," staff said. "There may not be enough snow to groom a trail right now but that can change very quickly. The ski season is short and never guaranteed so we like to be ready to groom as soon as there is a good base.”

Greenway officials said their staff didn’t plow the trail and asked for the public’s help identifying the anonymous snow plower. Residents were asked to contact the Greenway or Grand Forks Police with information about the incident.

While the snow plowing hasn’t happened before, there have been similar incidents of “rogue activity” in the Greenway, said Greenway Specialist Kim Greendahl in an email.

“I doubt the culprit(s) will be caught but I’m hoping to send a message that this kind of behavior is unlawful and affects other users,” she said.