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WATCH: Grand Forks businesses to donate to The Salvation Army by the gallon

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GRAND FORKS — You can soon fuel a cause and your car.

The Salvation Army's "Big Ring" fundraiser will start tomorrow, Dec. 4, at the south end Valley Dairy, 4701 S. Washington St.

From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., every time you pump your gas there, you'll contribute to The Salvation Army.

Local businesses are pledging money and as of right now, every gallon will send $1.15 to The Salvation Army.

"Grand Forks is the top of the poverty list of the big 6 in North Dakota, so we try and meet the human needs, like I mentioned," said Matthew Beatty with The Salvation Army Grand Forks. "We help anyone regardless of their religion, race, sexual orientation. We help anyone as long as they live in our designated service area and they fall under the financial category that they need help."

There will also be a silent auction inside the gas station.