DEVILS LAKE, N.D.-The family Daniel Fuller, a Devils Lake man who was fatally shot by a detective in July, wants the city to fire the officer and change its police training policies.

"This has been 75 days so far," Fuller's father, Terry Fuller said Monday. "When I leave the house first thing in the morning, I go to the execution site to talk to him, then I go to the cemetery to talk to him, then I start my day."

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Fuller said his son's death has destroyed his family, adding that he wakes up every day with tears in his eyes and goes to bed with tears in his eyes thinking about Daniel.

Daniel Fuller, 26, was shot in the back of the head by Detective Brandon Potts after a foot chase led to a reported struggle between the two on July 5.

Fuller was unarmed. His family says, based on information they say they received from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, he was pistol-whipped three times before Potts shot him in the back of the head.

"He's got to get 100 years without parole for any justice to be justice," Terry Fuller said of Potts. "He put my son in the ground, he's got a life sentence now in the ground."

Dozens of family members and supporters of Daniel Fuller gathered for a peaceful demonstration in a parking lot across from City Hall as city commissioners met Monday evening.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Devils Lake Mayor Dick Johnson told the Herald that the demonstrators could be heard during the meeting, but believes that the protest was done in a respectful way.

"They certainly have the right to do that," he said. "They were very respectful, very professional and peaceful."

Marla Fuller, Daniel's mother, had requested to address city leaders at the meeting, but a city official notified her last week via email she would not be allowed to speak at the meeting "per advice of legal counsel."

Johnson declined to comment further on the matter, citing potential pending litigation.

Other members of the City Commission declined to comment, citing legal advice from legal counsel. City Attorney Tom Traynor also declined to comment about the topic.

The family's attorney, J. Ashwin Madia, sent a letter to city officials regarding Daniel Fuller's death. The letter dated July 12 states the family's intent to file a lawsuit against the Police Department, citing "wrongful death and deprivation of constitutional rights."

The letter states that the Fullers seek $20 million from the city.

Terry Fuller said he was "disappointed" that the family was not allowed to address the City Commission and believes they were using the potential lawsuit as an "excuse" to not listen to them.

"All we wanted to do was speak our truth about changing the policies that they've got and they wouldn't even let us do it. They're nothing but cowards."

Kari Agotness, Ramsey County state's attorney, did not return a call regarding updates on the investigation. The family said they have not received any recent updates.

The protest

Allyson Bartlett, Daniel Fuller's sister, said the support family received during their protest Monday evening means a lot.

"It shows that there's a lot of compassionate people in this community," she said.

Bartlett, who grew up in Devils Lake, said she feels there is corruption in the police department and in the city. She wants the city to be more transparent.

Marla Fuller said the City Commission should do what they can to "attract the best and the brightest" to do an officer's job.

"Police have so much power. We give them a lot of power. We give them power over people and sometimes power leads to errors in judgement. We need to make sure that there is no room for errors that result in the death or serious harm of anyone else," she said.

Marla Fuller also said there needs to be policies in place that protect citizens and officers.

"Burying my son was not easy for us. We are still struggling with not knowing exactly what happened, and this is tough on the whole family," she said. "Justice for Danny will be justice for all."