ST. PAUL - A West Fargo man was convicted Friday, Sept. 14, in Minnesota of threatening to kill a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright ruled against Robert Philip Ivers, 65, last year when he sued a life insurance company.

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After losing the case in January 2017, Ivers responded by sending a series of threatening letters and calling a court employee to say he was "crazy angry" at the judge and described himself as a "walking bomb."

"This defendant has a long history of using words to frighten and intimidate," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Allyn.

On Nov. 9, 2017, Ivers filed an additional civil lawsuit alleging the same facts as those in the case he lost before the judge.

He was referred to two volunteer lawyers who did not believe he had a valid legal claim, to which Ivers reacted angrily.

One of the lawyers described Ivers as becoming "intensely angry" and quoted him saying, "you don't know the fifty different ways I planned to kill her," and, "this (expletive) judge stole my life from me."

After the lawyer reported the threats that Ivers made during the phone conversation, two marshals went to a residence in West Fargo to speak with him about the threats.

When confronted, Ivers became extremely agitated and screamed at the deputies that he was glad the judge was scared.

Ivers received media attention in 2016 after a discussion surrounding a proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit to Hopkins, Minn., from the Twin Cities. He described the light rail as "another socialist yeah, yeah, yeah" that would bring in "riff-raff" and "trash" from Minneapolis.

Ivers ran unsuccessfully twice for mayor of Hopkins.

Ivers was convicted of threatening to murder a federal judge and of making the threat across state lines.

A sentencing date for Ivers has not been announced.