UND students have selected their champion.

More than 2,300 campus voters cast digital ballots earlier this week to choose the look for their new university mascot, a costumed character based on the Fighting Hawk athletic logo. The option “Z” Hawk, a serious-looking bird with a head of ruffled feathers, won the day with 843 votes. Option “X,” the next runner-up, received 775 votes and option “Y” finished with 684.

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The design committee that helped to dream up the mascot hopes to get two finished costumes on campus sometime this fall. The Hawks will make appearances around campus, including at UND sporting events. They’ll also represent the school in community celebrations and other university events.

Now that the Hawk has a face, it still needs a name. Students are being asked to submit their top three name suggestions for the bird. Those suggestions will be sifted through by another committee this fall, with the final pick subject to a student vote sometime during the semester.