Minnesota will see the least impact from a government shutdown, and North Dakota isn't far behind, according to an data analysis website.

Minnesota ranked last on a WalletHub list of most affected states by the 2018 government shutdown, in part for its low share of federal jobs (49th place) and low percentage of children under the Children Health Insurance Program (51th). North Dakota would be the 10th least impacted.

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A government shutdown entered its third day on Monday, Jan. 22, after the Senate failed to pass a resolution that would extend the deadline for passing a spending bill to Feb. 16. Time ran out at midnight Saturday.

The Senate reached a deal Monday to end the shutdown. The House was expected to vote on the resolution Monday night with President Donald Trump poised to sign it if it reached his desk.

That extension would last until Feb. 8

About 1 percent of Minnesota's workforce of nearly 1.87 million people are employed by the federal government, according to a Herald analysis. That share increases in North Dakota to about 2.26 percent.

Maryland was the highest-ranked state on the list, though it was beat out by the District of Columbia for the top spot. D.C. tied with Hawaii and Maryland for the largest share of federal jobs, shared the top spot with Maryland and Virginia for most federal contract dollars per capita and took fourth for highest access to national parks, according to WalletHub.