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Marilyn Hagerty: Thinking about the blizzard of '66

Once again, Mother Nature has spoken.

She sends occasional blizzards in winter and tornadoes in summer. I guess it is to keep us humble.

So we march humbly into the second Friday in January. And we march in bravely because, after all, some of us say we live here because we like it here. Others just admit they can't afford to go south to warm up.

This weekend, some hockey fans will head to Bemidji State tonight and back to The Ralph on Saturday. The UND men's hoops teams will welcome Weber State for an afternoon basketball game Saturday at The Betty.

And they will talk about the Blizzard of 2018 — named Betsy by the Herald. Talk among longtime residents still goes back to the Blizzard of 1966.

"Nature hit residents of the Red River Valley with her hardest one-two punch in many years," the Herald said at that time.

Grand Forks was brought to a standstill during that storm. The Herald published as usual, but for the first time in history was unable to make deliveries for two days. Newsmen and photographer Colburn Hvidston continued to get news and pictures to the outside world.

On farms, the blizzard was as bad — or worse.

By Saturday, the storm was easing in Greater Grand Forks. Gov. William L. Guy interrupted an Arizona vacation to fly back to view effects of the blizzard. He kept close contact with Mayor Hugo Magnuson and others.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What's good about winter?

A. Hockey, bridge, ice skates, books, sleds. Rosy cheeks, hot chocolate. Gone is Juanita the wasp and Philip the fly.

Todd and Tammy

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