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ND man accused of shoplifting $4,000 in merchandise from Hobby Lobby

Dustin Johnson

MINOT, N.D. -- A 22-year-old Minot man faces felony shoplifting charges, accused of putting $4,000 in merchandise from Hobby Lobby in a shopping cart over a seven-hour period, fleeing the Minot store and then running from the parking lot when his cart got stuck in the snow.

Dustin Johnson was arrested in the incident and is in the Ward County Jail awaiting his first appearance in court.

Minot police said Hobby Lobby employees reported a male shoplifter about 7 p.m. Wednesday night, Jan. 3. While attempting to flee with the shopping cart filled with the merchandise, Johnson’s cart became stuck in the snow and overturned in the parking lot, police said.

Police said the man then tripped and fell, abandoned the cart and merchandise and fled on foot.

Officers said they found Johnson’s wallet near where he fell, with his ID photo matching the description of the shoplifting suspect.

Police then went to the Johnson’s home where he was arrested.