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Benson County man accused of arson in botched insurance fraud attempt

WARWICK, N.D.—A Benson County man has been arrested on six felony charges accusing him of setting fire to his home and vehicle in an attempt to collect insurance last month.

Breten Wayne Fredrickson, 58, has been charged with arson, endangerment by fire, two counts of terrorizing and two counts of criminal mischief. He was arrested on a warrant Tuesday.

According to a criminal complaint, Frederickson set fire to his Warwick home at 1117 Prairiewood Drive on Nov. 28. Investigators say Frederickson lit his Chevrolet Monte Carlo on fire in his driveway, with the intention of destroying the car and his home to bilk his insurer. The fire also caused damage to his garage.

Fredrickson was further charged with two counts of terrorizing for threatening to kill two people in the days leading up to the fire and two counts of criminal mischief for damaging their property in the blaze.

An initial appearance for Fredrickson has yet to be set, and he does not have an attorney listed in court dockets. He also has an open case on a felony terrorizing charge from May, records say.