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Superintendent receives positive evaluation

Dr. Larry Nybladh is the new Superintendent of schools in Grand Forks. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Superintendent Larry Nybladh received a favorable evaluation Wednesday by members of the Grand Forks School Board committee charged with reviewing his job performance in the past year, considering his work in the areas of leadership, administration, curriculum and instruction, personnel and communication.

Committee members are Eric Burin, Doug Carpenter, Katie Dachtler and Cynthia Shabb of the Grand Forks School Board and Elizabeth Meihaus, president of the Grand Forks Air Force Base School Board. Carpenter is president of the Grand Forks School Board.

Other board members, Dr. Eric Lunn and Amber Flynn, who are not members of the committee, provided written comments in the evaluation process before Wednesday's meeting.

Nybladh was commended for his leadership in moving the school district forward in its strategic and facilities master plans, as well as in advocating for state funding for schools.

He also received a positive review for planning for the public forum, which occurs in January, a centerpiece for which will be discussion of the facilities master plan and potential changes it encompasses.

Nybladh's involvement with civic organizations and other partners in Grand Forks, including eight years' service on the United Way board, was cited as valuable.

He was recognized for his continuing service on a statewide committee that is steering implementation of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaces the No Child Left Behind Act.

His interest in exploring and adopting new communication technology, as evidenced by district's new email system and website, was also favorably noted.

Even though he was the focus of the evaluation, Nybladh said "so many other people are involved" and are "very collaborative" in their work. "It's a pleasure to work in this type of environment."

Nybladh, who is serving his 10th and final year as superintendent, has announced his resignation and retirement effective June 30, 2018.

The committee's report will be presented for approval to the full School Board membership at its next meeting Monday.