EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn.-Reporter Kenneth Chase had his own scary encounter with text 911.

It's anyone in an emergency's worst nightmare- you reach out to 911, but no one answers for fifteen minutes. 

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It was just before 3 in the morning here in East Grand Forks when police arrested a man outside of the church near WDAZ Reporter Kenneth Chase’s house.

Officers were outside of Chase’s window waving flashlights.

“I thought someone was breaking in, so I sent a text to 911,” said Chase.

“And didn't get a response from police for 15 minutes.”

"Call when you can or text when you can't,” said Shannon LaHaise of Public Safety Answering Point, Grand Forks.

That's the motto in North Dakota.

"Texting to 911 is a great service especially for those who may be hearing impaired and for those who don't feel safe,” said LaHaise.

But it doesn't work in Minnesota.

“I didn't realize that, and dispatchers worry most Minnesotans don't,” said Chase.

“Today we learned the state is currently testing Text to 911,” said Chase.

But for now, if you text 9-1-1 in Minnesota, the state program manager says it won't work-and dispatchers say not to take the chance.

"There is a tower that is close by and they don't have texting to 911 fully implemented at this time. So you may get a message stating there's no service at this time,” said LaHaise.

The Department of Public Safety hopes to have Text to 911 functional across Minnesota by the end of the year.