Owners of commercial and residential lots are expected to maintain their lawns in accordance with the city standard of 10 inches of growth or less.

However, it is not uncommon for these standards to not be met, prompting the Grand Forks Department of Public Health to get involved.

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According to Richard Klockmann, a Public Health inspector for the city, when lots and residential properties accumulate grass and weeds more than the maximum height, the owner of the lot will receive a notice to clean up the property. If the owner fails to comply within five days, the city will employ a private lawn mowing company to maintain the lot and the property owner will foot the bill.

And residents of Grand Forks are not shy about reporting unkept lawns.

Klockmann says the Public Health Department receives complaints daily, sometimes many in a day, and some vacant and residential properties receive multiple complaints.

When such complaints are filed, Klockmann or a fellow health inspector will assess the area and decide whether to issue an ordinance to cut the grass.