Nashville, TN -- A video posted on the Facebook page of a Tennessee prisoner shows him wearing a mask and smoking from a makeshift bong while inside a jail cell.

In the video, posted sometime in late April, the inmate wears a mask with a hose connected to a joint.

He also posted a picture of him wearing the mask with the joint on his Facebook page and wrote, “All Gas No Breakz.”

At one point in the video, the inmate recording the bong hit turns the phone on himself saying that they’re in the pen.

Another video of inmate Kortavious Carwell was also found showing off his phone while doing a live video for 20 minutes.

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On Facebook, Carwell said he is an inmate at the Northwest Correctional Complex.

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Also found was another picture of an inmate displaying a shiv and several other photos of inmates posing in jail cells.

The discovery was made just a few days after an interview with with Lee Dotson, the Department of Correction’s new chief interdiction officer, to ask once again what it’s going to take to stop outrageous behavior in the prison system displayed on social media.

“We are all committed to eliminating contraband in the system,” Dotson said.

Since our last story aired last week, TDOC ramped up its own social media presence, posting several times on Twitter their intent to crack down on contraband.

At the same time TDOC posted those warnings, convicted murderer Morris Long also posted on Facebook from his jail cell.

Long was convicted of murdering his wife Ashlee with a hammer.

In his post, he wrote that he’s “just trying to get through the day.”

His victim’s friends fired back on his Facebook wall, writing, “Ashlee was trying to get through the day until you took that option away from her in such a heinous act!”

Another person wrote, “Being in jail and being on Facebook is not paying for his wrongs every day.”