BISMARCK - The North Dakota Senate rejected a shared parenting bill Wednesday, April 19.

House Bill 1392, introduced by Rep. Tom Kading, R-Fargo, would have required courts to consider granting "shared parenting time and residential responsibility" if one party in a proceeding requests it. The bill defines shared parenting time as each parent having the child in their care for as "close to 50 percent of the time as can be arranged based on the circumstances," but no less than 35 percent of the time.

The court would have had to articulate its decision awarding or denying the request for shared parenting time under the bill.

Sen. Nicole Poolman, R-Bismarck, said lawmakers should follow the will of North Dakota voters, who rejected a 2014 measure creating a law for equal parenting rights in child custody cases.

The Senate rejected the bill in a 12-31 vote Wednesday after the House passed it earlier in the day.