CASSELTON, N.D.-What a milestone for the little squirrels at Central Cass school. 100 days! Time flies. But at least one student went above and beyond to celebrate.

In Heather Gleave's Central Cass kindergarten room, it was all about the 100th day of school on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Even the kids even felt like royalty.

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"I have your crowns ready for you," Gleave said.

Some kids brought 100 skittles, others 100 rocks or even bandaids. In the halls, they were shooting for 100 acts of kindness.

But for 6-year-old Easton Klein, the best-ever way to mark the 100th day, was to invite the real thing to his classroom.

Jim talked about his days at the one room school in rural Cass County.

"I think I was the only one in the first grade," said Jim, a longtime bachelor farmer.

Life was a little simpler then. Schools didn't have iPads or video games. In fact, Jim remembers seeing the first playground equipment at the country school.

"They put up three swings," he said. In addition to farming his whole life near Ayr, N.D, Jim also did some teaching.

Today's kindergarten lesson? People like great great great Uncle Jim are sometimes the greatest life teachers around.