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How to decorate after the holiday season

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FARGO — From January to April, decorating the home becomes tricky. There are a lot of ideas for how to highlight holidays or general seasons, but for a home decorator who is looking for less of a theme yet more than their usual decor, the options seem limited.

Monica Hart, interior designer and owner of Monica Hart Interior Design, has been working with home interiors for more than 20 years.

Though Hart specializes in new construction and remodels, she also knows a thing or two about decorating.

"Changing out decor gets people excited for the upcoming season. It makes you feel good, especially during the spring," she says.

Scents and candles

"A change in scents throughout the year evokes different feelings, especially during Christmas," Hart says. "I want guests to smell the welcoming scent of cinnamon. You can do this for January, too."

Hart says that once January comes around, she likes to change her scents from warm and welcoming cinnamon to a fragrance that is more crisp.

"It really adds to the atmosphere and changes the environment that you are used to," she says.

Decorative candles can also be used as seasonal ornamentation because they come in a variety of scents, colors, shapes and sizes.

"It's a really inexpensive way to decorate," Hart says.

Consider incorporating potpourri and twigs into a candle tray to demonstrate how the seasons continually evolve.

Throws and pillows

Nationwide, the coldest months of the year are January and February, which makes them the perfect time to break out thick, fuzzy, fleece throws and adorn them on all your sofas.

"I like to put out pillows with snowflakes on them and use blue throws," Hart says. "I always put out the extra thick throws because you just want to be cozy during the winter."

If snowflakes and snowmen aren't necessarily your thing, you can choose pillows that signify the colors of early spring.


Colors for January through April decorations should be kept cool and neutral; however, you don't need to shy away from a pop of color or bits of life throughout your decor.

Hart says she really enjoys cobalt blue as an accent. Other colors you may want to incorporate are grays and shades of whites.

You may also enjoy keeping colors simple until spring and then pop some greens — like plants and moss — for a fresh, spring look.

Accessories and artwork

Pine cones, snow-covered twig wreaths and bundles of birch wood epitomize the winter months. To liven up your home decor, mix fur or faux fur accents throughout the house.

You could even use deer antlers as candle holders or deer antler art as a way to bring life to the season.

"Once I'm done with Christmas, I need a bit of a breather," Hart says. "I like to keep things simple. I'm a busy mom of three, so I need quick stuff to switch in an out."

Because of this, Hart says she likes to keep the same artwork up year around, but she does like to incorporate a large twig wreath somewhere in the house.

If you need something to look forward to after Christmas, perhaps non-seasonal decorating may inspire you.

While homeowners aren't required to decorate January through April, decorating the home for winter may be a valuable tool for dealing with the post-holiday blues.