A Cass Lake, Minn., man faces four felony charges after authorities say he stole more than 30 guns, jewelry and a Corvette Stingray from a Polk County home.

Troy Timothy Cooper, 44, has been charged with burglary of firearms in the first degree, burglary of a dwelling in the second degree, theft of a firearm and unauthorized use of motor vehicle, all felonies. He was booked in Northwest Regional Correctional Center in Crookston on Thursday.

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If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.

According to a criminal complaint, Polk County Sheriff's Office Deputies were called to a home off Minn. Highway 92 on Oct. 1 to investigate some stolen property. When deputies arrived, the daughter of the homeowner told authorities she had been staying at the home that night and noticed two doors had been removed from their hinges and items had been scattered on the floor. The woman said she called her mother, who lives away from the property most of the year, and was told items should not be that way. She told deputies that jewelry, firearms and other items are missing. She went to the garage to discover the Corvette was missing and called police.

When the homeowner arrived, she told police 30 to 40 guns were missing, as was jewelry and a safe. She said the Stingray had a Minnesota dealer plate with "WILL" on it.

Deputies began to investigate and learned Cooper had pawned jewelry in Bemidji on Oct. 1 and had been seen driving a Corvette with "WILL" license plates. The homeowner identified the jewelry sold to the pawn shop as hers.

Cooper was arrested by Bemidji police on Oct. 2. In an interview with Polk County deputies, Cooper said he did not remember much of the last couple months due to heavy methamphetamine use, according to charging documents. He said he went to a barn party with several people and that they wandered around the area, ultimately entering the garage where he saw the Corvette.

He told authorities his companions took some jewelry but he does not remember anything else until waking up in the Corvette with many firearms. The complaint states he told deputies he sold some of the guns for methamphetamine and cash in Bemidji.

A search of the car revealed two additional firearms among other items.

Cooper was convicted of felony theft of tools in 2013, court records show.