A Jamestown man was arrested Thursday evening after reports of terrorizing two photographers on a downtown rooftop.

A 56-year-old man residing in a second-floor apartment above a business at 113 2nd Ave. SW was arrested for terrorizing, restraint and illegal drug charges, according to Lt. Justin Blinsky, night shift commander with the Jamestown Police Department.

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“It appears they (suspect and victims) don't know one another,” Blinsky said. “It seem like this is a very isolated incident. It is disturbing, but I don't believe there is potential for any jeopardy to the public.”

The suspect is being held in the Stutsman County Correctional Center with charges pending at the Stutsman County State’s Attorney Office.

The incident leading to the arrest occurred at approximately 10:50 p.m., when Stutsman County Communications Center received a call from an individual stating that he and a friend were threatened by a man while on a neighboring roof of an adjoining business.

The businesses below the roof and apartment had nothing to do with the incident, Blinsky said. The suspect lives alone in the apartment.

Two men had access to the roof via a stairwell and had professional photography equipment, Blinsky said. The two men were using the roof as a vantage point for their photography hobby, he said, and did not attempt to peek in windows or harass the suspect.

The suspect confronted the two men on the roof brandishing a weapon described as a cutting knife and reportedly made threats toward them, Blinksy said. The suspect would not allow the two men to leave the roof or call anyone for some time, he said, and then followed them until the two men were able to get a safe distance and call police.

After questioning the victims and a brief investigation a search warrant was executed, and officers discovered knives that fit the descriptions given along with misdemeanor- and felony-level drugs.

Blinsky said the suspect’s name has not been released pending completion of the investigation and a criminal history check.