More than 11,000 ballots were cast in Grand Forks County in the North Dakota primary election Tuesday.

Those 11,109 ballots represent 19.9 percent of the county's estimated voting age population, which is below the statewide turnout of 24.3 percent and among the lowest in the state, according to the Secretary of State's website. But it marked a significant improvement over the 2014 primary, when just 4,477 voters cast ballots in Grand Forks County, or 8.2 percent of the voting age population, the second-lowest turnout rate in North Dakota that year.

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In 2012, 16,164 of the state's 175,303 ballots were cast in Grand Forks County.

The increase in voter turnout this year over 2014 was likely fueled in part by the heated Republican governor's race. The Secretary of State's website shows 138,685 ballots cast statewide Tuesday, compared with 93,624 in the 2014 primary.

Fargo businessman Doug Burgum won Grand Forks County with 55.2 percent of the vote, compared with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem's 42.3 percent. Burgum came away with 4,692 votes to Stenehjem's 3,599, according to complete but unofficial results, and Burgum won all but three of the 27 precincts in the county.

Stenehjem represented Grand Forks in the Legislature for more than two decades before becoming attorney general in 2001.

Paul Sorum, the third Republican in the race, garnered 2.5 percent of the vote in Grand Forks County, or 209 voters.

Grand Forks mayor

Mayor Mike Brown won a fifth term over challenger Terry Bjerke, a City Council member. Brown claimed 60.6 percent of the ballots to Bjerke's 39.3 percent, or 5,253 votes to 3,405, according to complete but unofficial results.

Bjerke won two of the city's 19 precincts, Wesley United Church and Public Works, according to the Secretary of State's website.

Turnout in this year's mayoral race was noticeably lower than in 2012, when Brown defeated Tyrone Grandstrand. The Secretary of State reported 11,907 votes were cast in that election, compared with Tuesday's total of 8,669.

Local measures

A 50-cent increase to the 911 fees for phone lines was approved by Grand Forks County voters, who passed the measure with 61.3 percent of votes.

The fee bumps to $1.50 per month and will help pay for a new radio system, upgrades to the dispatch system and ongoing maintenance.

Voters in Grand Forks also approved publishing the city and school board minutes in the Herald in separate measures. For the city measure, 60.3 percent of voters approving publishing minutes in the newspaper, while the 80.3 percent of voters approved the school measure.

Measure 1

Measure 1, the statewide ballot question to allow corporate farming in North Dakota, took a walloping across the state, and Grand Forks County was no different.

The measure failed with 75.7 percent of voters, or 99,045 ballots, siding against it statewide. In Grand Forks County, 72.6 percent of voters cast a ballot against the measure, according to complete but unofficial results.

The closest the measure came to a "yes" in Grand Forks County was at the Gilby Community Center, where 43.5 percent of the 161 voters there approved it.

Hospital sales tax

In Cavalier, voters overwhelmingly approved extension of a half-cent sales tax for the Pembina County Memorial Hospital Association.

The measure won with 81.6 percent of the votes, passing 341 to 77.

Cavalier County

The five-year extension of an excess road levy in Cavalier County passed easily at the polls. The 10-mill levy passed with 77.8 percent of the votes, with 926 in favor and 265 opposed.

The county expects the levy to generate $2.3 million to pay the local share of maintaining roads and structures. The money, in addition to state and federal dollars, will pay for work on 20 roads and structures listed by priority.

Municipal races

The following candidates won races in northeast North Dakota based on complete but unofficial results posted on the Secretary of State's website.


Mayor: Todd Whitman

Council: Manley Hegna, Jaima Curry

Park Board: Melissa Kueber, James Knutson, Vicki Brakke


Mayor and Council: No candidates on ballot


Mayor: Gene Rosholt

Council: Jeff Siewert, Bruce Otteson


Council: Duane Holien, Jeremy Olson, Chuck Wilson

Park Board: Patrick Freund, Sigurd Bjornstad


Council: Mike Carpenter (Ward 2), Lacey Hinkle (Ward 3), No candidates on ballot for Ward 1

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Council: No candidates on ballot


Mayor: Michael Slebodnik

Council: Grace Eisner


Council: Nicholas Zimprich, Timothy Erickson, Rickey Cushman, Lee Watne (two-year)

Park: Scott Loge, Melanie Rogers, Brandy Edland

Devils Lake

Commissioner: Ben Sander, Dale Robbins

Judge: Peter Halbach

Park: Peter Jerome, Lisa Uhlenkamp


Council: Tony Hanson, Joel Linneman

Park: Angie Berger, Sandie Antonson


Mayor: Cameron Korynta

Council: Luke Wilcox, Grant Skibicki, Michael O'Brien

Park Board: Nick Smestad, Lacey Wilcox

Forest River

Council: Eric Hegstrom, Harold Peugh

Park Board: Jared Muir


Council: No candidates on ballot

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Mayor: Robert Mclean

Council: Scott Hulst, Kim Magnus


Judge: Darcie Einarson

Park Board: Ryer Stark, Todd Storey

Council: Shane Mohn (Ward 1), Greg Young( Ward 2), Philip Ray (Ward 3), Don Hutson (Ward 4)


Mayor: Wendy Keena

Council: Susan Enerson, Nancy Maxwell


Mayor: Tie, Debra Dahl and Russell Fliflet

Council: Donna Hankins

Park Board: Jason Grover


Council: Mike Duncan, Kim Ostlie

Park Board: Jason Gibson, Brock Brend


Commissioner: Mike Kress, Lorraine Tibert

Park Board: Cody Harstad, Martin Iverson, Ray Weber (two-year)


Council: Aaron Larman, Brian Reilly

Park Board: Vicky Hultin


Mayor: Doug Petron

Council: Dennis Johnson


Mayor: Jeffrey Russo

Council: Jim Vasichek, Dennis Mattern, Anna Viehman, Edwin Pawlikowski (two-year)

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Park Board: Todd Elfman, Rocky Ritterman, Julie Mutch (two-year)

Council: Susan Christiansen (Ward 1), Chad Knoblauch (Ward 2), No candidates on ballot for Ward 3


Mayor: Justan Mishler

Council: Paul Osowski, Mitch Meyer

Park Board: Russell Hatt, Aaron Westphal


Council: William Bohnsack, Marvin Carlson

Park Board: Joni Lorenz, Brian Aune, Albert Koshney


Council: Dianne Urvand

Park Board: Jordan Nerison, Tami Stein, Justin Nerison


Council: Jason Flom

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Mayor: Lane Kelley

Council: Stanley Miller, John Narloch

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Council: Jeremy Heck


Council: Noel Halley, Cody Saiger

Park Board: Jennifer Carrier, Christy Hanson (two-year), Shane Carrier (two-year)


Mayor: Gregory Neumann (two-year)

Council: Lavonda Haahr, Jack Halstenson


Judge: Alvin Boucher

Park Board: No candidates on ballot

Council: Gerald Uglem (Ward 1), James Beaudin (Ward 2), Carrie Wallace (Ward 3), Todd Tangen (Ward 3, two-year)

Park River

Judge: Glenn Rost

Park Board: Matthew Hell, Rhonda Gaarder

Council: Keith Anderson (Ward 1), Robert Lundquist III (Ward 2), Michael Lorton (Ward 3), Kyle Halvorson (Ward 3, two-year)


Mayor: Duane Avdem

Council: Dean Ensrud, Marvin Massey, Rodney Haugland (two-year)


Council: Joan Studeny, Cody Carpenter, Connor Snitker


Mayor: Amber Vickaryous

Council: Susan Dahl, James Schmidt

Park Board: Janice Sonderland


Council: Josh Jelinek


Mayor: Sven Mickels

Council: Jerod Basol, Heather Hutchins

Judge: Thomas Moe

Park Board: John Peterson


Council: Jeff Syverson, Jeff Moen

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Commission President: Frank Kirschenheiter

Commission: Jonathan Sletmoe, Daniel Pladson

St. Thomas

Council: Paul Larson, Troy Lunde, Robin Miller (two-year)

Park Board: No candidates on ballot


Mayor: Karyn Hippen

Council: Jeremy Hughes, Dean Larimer

Park Board: Neil Danner


Mayor: No candidates on ballot

Council: Bret Poehls, Jeremy Weber (two-year)

Park Board: No candidates on ballot

School races

Hillsboro School

Area 1: Tim Kozojed

Mayport CG School

Zone 1-2: Jeff Hovde

Zone 5: Marlana Strand

Zone 6-7: Adam Erickson