Fargo, N.D. - It will be the one and only in our area and you'd have to go to another state to get the same experience.

That may surprise some of you considering this very old alcoholic beverage uses one of North Dakota's top products as a key ingredient. North Dakota tops the list for honey production in the U.S., and yet the state did not have its own honey wine producing meadery, until now.

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Susan Ruud has been making homemade mead for more than 20 years. She is giving up her reasearch job at NDSU to build a business around her passion, opening Prarie Rose Meadery in South Fargo.

"Just decided, well, you know, I can do this!" said Ruud. "It's just, it's fun. Making your own mead and sharing it with someone is some much fun when you see their expression and wow this is really good."

The meadery is still under construction, but when complete, it will have a tasting room to start three meads will be made in house.

"Which we have a lot of pumps back here. They are the life saving of our business because if I had to lift all of this stuff by hand," said Ruud.

Honey, water and yeast are the three traditional ingredients to make a mead. The beverage at Prairie Rose Meadery is only have fermented and the finished product will be coming in the next couple of months.

"So far it tastes really good in the fermentation tank, so crossing my fingers that people will like it," Ruud said.

The fermentation process takes about four to eight weeks and Susan checks it every day, which makes her a worker bee.

"I come in, check where the fermentation is, make sure everything is running ok," said Ruud.

It's all part of the effort to make sure North Dakotans will soon be able to experience what all the buzz is about. Prarie Rose Meadery plans to open in April.