Some Grand Forks children will move on to greater stages from the theatre workshops at Fire Hall Theatre. Others will tuck the memories away in their piles of learning.

There is always a string of young people who go out from here to varying success on the national scene. One of them is Leonora Gershman Pitts, a dancer, singer and actress who grew up in Grand Forks.

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She spent most of her childhood here in local community theatre. She went on to New York University where she taught for three years after graduation. Now a resident of Los Angeles and mother of two children, her name has been popping up here and there.

She has a scene in the fourth episode of the HBO show "Togetherness" coming up Feb. 1. And there is news online of the debut of a short play she has written called, "God I Hope I Get It."

Gershman occasionally visits here with her parents, Hal and Kathy Gershman. She is married to Scott Pitts, also an actor, and they have two children.

Another January weekend arrives in Grand Forks with children and sleds awaiting more snow on the dike along Belmont Road and plenty of action around the city. Lowell Schweigert will welcome coaches to the podium during the UND Booster luncheon at the Alerus today ... They will preview men's hockey games with Colorado College tonight and Saturday at the Ralph along with women's hockey Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Ralph ... And the women's basketball game with Eastern Washington Saturday afternoon at the Betty.

Family Day for children of all ages and parents is free Saturday morning at North Dakota Museum of Art on the UND campus ... And the UND music department will present a showcase concert at 3:45 p.m. today with free admission at the Chester Fritz.

The UND Honor Band and Choir Festival is coming up Sunday in the Chester Fritz ... While Sunday Concerts in the Galleries will feature Ragamala Dance Company in the North Dakota Museum of Art.

Ask Marilyn

Q. Why is it good to have a cold?

A. Because it feels so good when it's over.

Q. Is there any such thing as a common cold?

A. No, they are all unique.

Q. What happens?

A. Your nose runs. Your head aches. Your throat hurts, so do your ears.

Q. What can you do about it?

A. Wash your hands. Often.

Q. What can you do while you have a cold?

A. Read "The Winter of Our Discontent" by John Steinbeck.

Scott and Michelle

Cheerful people of the week: Scott Landa, Michelle Kraft.