The Grand Forks County canvassing board tallied up the vote in the District 43 House race Monday, adding one vote to the margin incumbent Democratic-NPLer Lois Delmore holds over Republican challenger Don Dietrich for the second seat.

According to an employee in the auditor's office, the official count now is 1,972 for Republican winner Curt Kreun, 1,900 on the nose for Delmore, 1,893 for Dietrich and 1,512 for Democratic-NPL newcomer Don Vangsnes.

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Last Tuesday, the initial vote count found Dietrich behind Delmore by six votes; 33 absentee ballots in question were added to the mix in Monday's work by the canvassing board.

The recount math uses the top finisher's vote total; half of one percent of that number, 1,972, is enough to require an automatic recount.

That would be 9.86, so any vote margin of 9 or fewer means an automatic recount; that will take place later this month, once state officials have certified the canvassing board's work.

A vote margin up to 2 percent of Kreun's total, or 39.44, would allow Dietrich to demand a recount.

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