SUMMARY GRAND FORKS CITY COUNCIL MINUTES March 19, 2009 1. GENERAL BUSINESS 1.1 Welcome and roll call: Quorum present: Bjerke, McNamara, Gershman (telecon.), Christensen (telecon.), Bakken, Kreun (telecon.) - 6; Glassheim absent. 1.2 Flood Protection Update: The city engineer presented info. from National Weather Service giving 7-day preliminary ests. of river stage with preliminary crest 45 to 50 ft. March 30 to April 4, 2009; and that gate closures and bridge closures will take place when river levels up; and closure of the greenway. 1.3 Flood Options: Report that hauling clay or topping off levees has been stopped along Belmont Rd. ; staff working with Fargo re. pumps, manpower, etc. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Kreun/Gershman that we adjourn; carried unanimously. (These minutes are subject to the city council's review and revision.) SUMMARY GRAND FORKS CITY COUNCIL MINUTES March 30, 2009 1. GENERAL BUSINESS: 1.1 Welcome and roll call: Quorum present: Bjerke, McNamara, Glassheim (telecon.), Gershman, Christensen (telecon.), Bakken (telecon.), Kreun - 7. 1.2 Flood Protection Update: The city engineer presented latest flood info., viewed map showing floodwaters at Fargo, Grand Forks, etc. along the Red River, that Fargo crested Saturday at just under 41 ft. and now declining; Grand Forks to crest this coming Thursday/Friday with projected range of 50 to 51 ft., current elevation 48.8 ft. It was noted that sandbag center is shut down, street closures are complete, stoplogs in, gates shut at storm stations and pumps on and operating on full flood motive. Traffic disruption on Hwy. 2 as one lane of traffic closed as ND and MN DOT's will be monitoring bridges and riverbed underneath bridges, watching for scour, etc. Public safety trying to keep people off the dikes and Mayor has issued an executive order to keep people off the dikes, including penalty. 1.3 Flood Protection Options: city administrator reported that contractors and crews staged to point where trucks will be loaded with clay and put inside buildings in Industrial Park if have difficulties with flood closure; that a secondary crest coming based upon moisture that is coming over next few days to the south and need to be prepared. It was reported that crews are back on regular shifts, stoplog closures are complete, and part of crew trying to remove snow, staff supplemented with people from other departments. Funding costs discussed and they will be meeting with staff to look at staffing levels and start to assemble expenditures. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Bjerke/Gershman to adjourn; carried unanimously. (These minutes are subject to the city council's review and revision.) SUMMARY GRAND FORKS CITY COUNCIL MINUTES April 6, 2009 1. GENERAL BUSINESS 1.1 Welcome & roll call: Meeting called to order by Emily Anderson, winner of "If I Were Mayor for a Day" contest. Quorum present: Bjerke, McNamara, Glassheim (teleconference), Gershman, Christensen, Bakken, Kreun - 7. 1.2 Pledge of Allegiance by Weeks family from Grand Forks Air Base in conj. with April being Month of the Military Child. 1.3 Mayor's announcements 1.4 Winner and Honorable Mention Winner of "If I Were Mayor for a Day" , Emily Anderson and Kelsey Worth read their essays. 2. AWARDS, PRESENTATIONS, APPOINTMENTS & PROCLAMATIONS 2.1 Flood Protection update - Al Grasser, city engineer, gave brief update on predicted second crest and info. re. bridge openings. 2.2 ND Legislative update - Pete Haga, comm.. relations officer, gave current info. re. various bills in the legislature. 2.3 Youth Commission report.- Michelle Cleveland reported on various projects being done by the Commission, taking surveys with volunteering being one of the activities that youth would like to participate in; details of dance for middle and high school, and plan for future event as "Fill the Ralph" or "Stock the Hyslop". 3. PUBLIC HEARINGS & SECOND READINGS 3.1 Revise Chapter XV of the Grand Forks City Code - Waterworks & Sewerage System - Ordinance adopted with minor amendments; carried unanimously. 4. ACTION ITEMS 4.0 Suspend agenda to include item relating to extension of declaration of emergency - motion by Gershman/ McNamara to amend agenda; motion carried unanimously. 4.1 Extend Board of Equalization - April 14, 2009 to May 4, 2009 - Motion by Gershman/McNamara to approve; carried unanimously. 4.2 Replace stormwater pump station at Columbia Rd & 32nd Ave. S.; motion by Gershman/McNamara to concur with recommendation of ND Dept. of Transportation to award bid to Molstad Excavating, Inc. for Proj. 6144; carried unanimously. 4.3 Cost participation, construction & maintenance agreement for S. Washington & 47th Ave. S. - motion by Gershman/McNamara to enter into agreement with NDDoT for Proj. 6341, traffic signal at S. Wash. St. and 47th Ave.S.; carried unanimously. 4.4 Bids for 2009 sidewalks repairs & LMI sidewalks; motion by Gershman/Glassheim to award bids to Quality Contracting for Project No. 6438; carried unanimously. 4.5 Bids for construction of 2009 concrete street repairs; motion by Gershman/McNamara to award bid to Tony Anderson Const. for Proj. 6350, carried unanimously. 4.6 Bid for portable car fire trainer - motion by Gershman/McNamara to award bid to low bidder; carried unanimously. 4.7 GF County Planning Commission appointment - motion by Gershman/McNamara to approve appointment of Council Member Bjerke; carried unanimously. 4.8 Downtown Design Review Board appointment - motion by Gershman/Bakken to approve appointment of Heidi Brenna; carried 6 votes affirmative; Council Bjerke voting against motion. 4.9 Public Works Department fleet vehicle bid - motion by Gershman/McNamara to accept low bids of Hatton Ford; carried unanimously. 4.10 Public Works Department - bid for tandem truck, box & hoist - motion by Gershman/McNamara to accept bid of Nelson International; carried unanimously. 4.11 Public Transportation city bus purchase; motion by Gershman/McNamara to approve purchase of 2 hybrid buses and 2 standard diesel buses; carried unanimously. 4.12 Fannie Mae line of credit - motion by Kreun/Bakken to authorize staff to request, subject to city attorney's review of and approval of documents, authorize mayor to execute a twelve-month extension of the current line of credit with Fannie Mae for the Promenade Housing District, and amendments to the motion by Christensen/Kreun for review in 6 and 9 months; carried unanimously. 4.13 Extension of Emergency Declaration - motion by Christensen/Bakken adopt resolution approving extension of the emergency declaration beginning April 9, 2009 for up to an additional 30 days, to be rescinded at discretion of the mayor and to approve the extension of existing mayor's emergency orders to an additional thirty days beyond April 9, at the discretion of the mayor; carried unanimously. 5. INFORMATION ITEMS 5.1 2008 Annual storm water report - Information only. 7. APPROVAL OF MINUTES & BILLS 7.1 Vendor list & estimate summary - motion by Bakken/Gershman to pay bills; carried unanimously. ACME ELECTRIC 608.94;AGASSIZ WATER USERS, INC. 15.00;LEXISNEXIS MATTHEW BENDER 46.60;BON VOYAGE TRAVEL INC 548.20;BORDER CHEMICAL CO LTD 4,649.66;BORDER STATES ELECTRIC 5,620.00;GRAYMONT WESTERN CANADA INC 5,268.24;AQUA PURE 130.10;DACOTAH PAPER CO 2,225.81;BERKLEY RISK ADMINISTRATORS CO 2,028.00;ENTENMANN-ROVIN CO 188.84;AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL 22.32;GAFFANEY'S 127.05;GF CONVENTION & VISITOR'S BUR 1,346.12;GF HERALD 923.94;GF HOUSING AUTHORITY 57.00;GF PARK DISTRICT 696,075.91;INTERSTATE POWERSYSTEMS 7,848.24;LETNES, MARSHALL & SWANSON LTD 237.50;MENARD'S LUMBER 24.62;MUNICIPAL COURT 327.00;NORTHERN PLUMBING SUPPLY 14.40;XCEL ENERGY 42,814.41;RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE CO 364.41;POSTMASTER-GRAND FORKS 486.00;PS DOOR SERVICES 104.00;UNITED PARCEL SERVICE 52.58;QWEST 6,588.47;UND-STUDENT FINANCIAL AIDS 22.83;GF UTILITY BILLING DEPT 900.18;STREITZ, DELBERT 37.50;STROM, DENNIS 22.50;STERN, DOUGLAS 71.88;STREICHER'S 465.17;CUTSHAW, CHAD 15.00;MUNICIPAL PARKING 60.00;CLAREY'S SAFETY EQUIPMENT INC 201.66;GRANDE, RONALD 94.88;LASER SYSTEMS INC 346.00;BEARINGS & DRIVES/US BEARINGS 26.86;GF LIONS CLUB 1,125.00;SCHUMACHER, LINDA 16.18;CARDMEMBER SERVICE 1,873.68;MANTHEI, DAVID 100.00;GRAINGER 506.46;PRUDENTIAL 160.12;PARTY AMERICA 39.85;VALLEY VISION/WASH OPTICAL 82.00;BOILER INSPECTION PROGRAM 140.00;HUMBLE, MARK 19.67;FERRELLGAS 40.00;PRISTINE WATER SOLUTIONS INC 3,396.73;PETCO ANIMAL SUPPLIES INC 53.99;FLERMOEN, KELLI 94.88;GOV'T FINANCE OFFICERS ASSN 55.00;LOILAND, CYNTHIA 109.63;HAGEMAN, MATT 94.88;CSC CREDIT SERVICES 50.00;SCHULL, WAYNE 128.95;QWEST BUSINESS SERVICES 16.99;HAGA, PETER 413.85;QUILTED RABBIT-M. WEEKESMURPHY 139.75;BEST WESTERN DOUBLEWOOD INN 120.00;BATTERIES PLUS 8.49;DIGITAL MATRIX SYSTEMS INC 15.00;PITNEY BOWES 2,254.00;NORTH DAKOTA ONE CALL INC 35.96;BOHLMAN PEST CONTROL 68.00;INFORMATION SYSTEMS CORP 435.00;BALCO UNIFORM COMPANY INC 1,260.00;BUSINESS ESSENTIALS INC 68.94;G&K SERVICES INC 647.74;INFO CENTER/PETTY CASH 75.00;AMERICAN BANKERS INS CO OF FL 30,631.00;LASKOWSKE, JEFFERY 76.95;SIMPLEXGRINNELL LP 463.00;FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE 23.04;US BANK NA-CUSTODY 438.50;INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT 123.21;RADISSON HOTEL-BISMARCK 55.00;DAKOTALAND AUTOGLASS INC 381.64;INTEGRATED MESSAGING INC 126.00;HAAK, TIM 37.50;MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATIONS 965.20;DELL MARKETING LP 5,819.62;NORHTLAND BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC 752.66;BURGGRAF'S ACE HARDWARE 48.09;ASE/ACT 117.00;BREMER BANK NAT'L ASSOCIATES 4,007.23;GEATZ, BRIAN 100.63;REILE, SAM 85.00;O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 32.65;ALLTEL CORPORATION 5,486.58;GLOBAL SAFETY NETWORK INC 297.41;BREMER INSURANCE AGENCIES INC 91.00;HALVORSON, EVELYN 17.29;STANDARD INSURANCE COMPANY 161.76;FARE LOGISTICS CORP 154.50;GILLIG LLC 110.16;BRAATHEN, AARON 94.88;HORNADY 727.50;AZURADISC 182.73;TERMINAL SUPPLY CO 47.66;RONHOLM-BERTLESON, RONNA 138.63; BURLEIGH COUNTY SHERIFF 220.00; AT&T 32.84;AMERICAN TIRE SERVICE 12.00;AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSN 136.00;LEXISNEXIS MATTHEW BENDER 142.20;BISMARCK TRIBUNE 265.00;BORDER CHEMICAL CO LTD 4,504.76;CPS LTD 3,600.00;GRAYMONT WESTERN CANADA INC 5,193.26;AQUA PURE 60.80;ECOLAB INC 1,006.00;FINE PRINT 833.28;GF REGIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY 331,179.43;THE CHAMBER 450.00;ALTRU CLINIC 885.00;SCHINDLER ELEVATOR CORP 804.00;GF HERALD 395.00;GF WELDING 9.46;VALLEY TRUCK PARTS & SERVICE 88.12;HOME OF ECONOMY 19.98;INTERSTATE TOWING 90.00;JOHNSON CONTROLS INC 490.00;LETNES, MARSHALL & SWANSON LTD 746.00;LINCOLN MUTUAL LIFE 89.97;GF/EGF MPO 62.46;MAC TOOLS DIST 438.99;MENARD'S LUMBER 82.31;FARNAM'S NAPA AUTO PARTS 177.34;NODAK ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 145.00;XCEL ENERGY 76,379.80;RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE CO 202.00;ORCHARD OIL CO 13,596.40;SMITTY'S TRANSMISSION SERVICE 148.38;SURPLUS CENTER 17.88;THOMPSON INSURANCE CO 110.00;QWEST 337.49;VAALER INSURANCE INC 22,537.00;VALLEY PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT INC 194.65;GF UTILITY BILLING DEPT 663.17;WORKFORCE SAFETY & INSURANCE 750.00;STREITZ, DELBERT 270.09;P.O.S.T. BOARD 45.00;UPPER MO DIST HEALTH UNIT 3,000.00;CLAREY'S SAFETY EQUIPMENT INC 1,594.63;BIG JIM'S E-SIDE TIRE, INC 73.00;AE ADVANCED ENGINEERING INC 703.50;GALLS 57.41;FASTENAL CO 93.20;LASER SYSTEMS INC 582.96;BEARINGS & DRIVES/US BEARINGS 369.49;UND - BUSINESS OFFICE 63.81;NORTH CENTRAL LABORATORIES 1,534.66;SAM'S CLUB DIRECT 326.39;HARDWARE HANK 137.02;GRAINGER 367.97;SAND STEEL BUILDING 6,635.00;MAIER, LOIS I 10,000.00;SHIELDS, DONALD W 270.09;KUTAK ROCK LLP 7,305.78;HB SOUND & LIGHT INC 5,500.00;JOHNSON LAFFEN GALLOWAY 1,979.37;FORX BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 100.00;MADISON NATIONAL LIFE INS CO 1,090.50;FERRELLGAS 40.00;AMERICAN NONSMOKERS' RIGHTS 1,640.00;LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS 114.45;PETCETERA ANIMAL CLINIC PC 73.40;BORDEN, BRIAN 81.45;DUFAULT DESIGNS 440.00;HALSTAD TELEPHONE COMPANY 25.00;OFFICE MAX CREDIT PLAN 19.98;BORDER STATES TROPHY AND AWARD 142.10;LAHAISE, SHANNON 88.00;FIRE RESCUE MAGAZINE 69.95;QUILTED RABBIT-M. WEEKESMURPHY 230.05;JOHNSON FARMS 10,000.00;WILLSON, DAVID 81.45;MERRY MAIDS 170.00;COMPUSAVE INC 37.98;THATCHER & COMPANY 8,712.00;H.E. EVERSON COMPANY 88.00;OFFICE MAX 260.91;GFS CHEMICALS INC 378.67;EXPRESS SERVICES, INC 756.93;VERIZON WIRELESS 147.69;CDWG 447.31;CLAYHILL 3,480.95;CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS 1,035.00;DLT SOLUTIONS INC 13,714.22;COMFORT SUITES-BISMARCK 55.00;ALERUS CENTER 55.00;BUSINESS ESSENTIALS INC 49.48;G&K SERVICES INC 370.01;AMERICAN BANKERS INS CO OF FL 6,765.00;GF INFO CENTER 75.00;TIM'S GENERAL MAINT & SERVICES 468.00;MATELSKI, TOD 7.52;DAKOTA ALARM 1,810.00;RAMKOTA HOTEL - BISMARCK 178.76;WEEDEX 376.93;ALEX AIR APPARATUS INC 465.22;MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATIONS 117.42;DELL MARKETING LP 1,261.69;NDPHA 10.00;BURGGRAF'S ACE HARDWARE 29.97;BREMER BANK NAT'L ASSOCIATES 86,216.66;ISG THERMAL SYSTEMS USA INC 742.25;MOTTER'S CUSTOM GRINDING INC 37,114.16;O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 159.96;SIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES COR 221.53;PRAXAIR INC 1,922.54;O'NEIL, JOE 269.10;CENEX FLEETCARD 473.30;RDO EQUIPMENT CO 526.95;PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FIN LLC 130.98;ANDERSON, DEAN 81.45;MEADWESTVACO CORPORAITON 34,481.70;YANKEE HILL MACHINE CO 1,105.49;AT EXPO 25.00; CREW 13 795.00; ACME ELECTRIC 765.54;AIR CONTROL HEATING INC 1,195.50;AMERIPRIDE 457.30;AMERICAN TIRE SERVICE 1,338.51;AUTO GLASS AFTERMARKET 49.00;B & N OIL COMPANY 25.80;LEXISNEXIS MATTHEW BENDER 18.30;BERT'S TRUCK EQUIPMENT INC 696.98;BORDER STATES ELECTRIC 183.90;BUTLER MACHINERY 61.06;COLE PAPERS INC 831.73;CROSS COUNTRY COURIER 41.08;D & M DISTRIBUTING 437.03;DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP 27,185.28;DEITZ BUSINESS PROMOTIONS 655.25;ELECTRO WATCHMAN INC 257.70;AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL 178.56;FINE PRINT 1,950.00;GAFFANEY'S 528.27;GARDEN HUT INC 108.16;GF CONVENTION & VISITOR'S BUR 250.00;GF COUNTY 89.85;GRAND FORKS FIRE EQUIPMENT CO 11.75;GF HERALD 79.38;CARQUEST AUTO PARTS 458.94;GF WELDING 475.05;H20 314.10;HOME OF ECONOMY 1,966.83;HOUSE OF VACUUMS 66.97;HUGO'S #3 15.98;INTERSTATE BATTERY SYSTEM 197.90;INTERSTATE TOWING 1,840.00;ITALIAN MOON 141.36;K-MART 11.94;KEITH'S LOCK & KEY SHOP 805.65;C L LINFOOT CO 440.00;LUNSETH PLUMBING & HEATING 3,132.95;LYONS AUTO SUPPLY INC 2.09;MAGELLAN BEHAVORIAL HEALTH 2,051.73;MENARD'S LUMBER 340.48;NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS 17,411.75;ND STATE ELECTRICAL BOARD 100.00;NORTHERN PLUMBING SUPPLY 141.71;NORTHERN WATER WORKS SUPPLY 10.08;NORTHLAND PRINTING 82.50;OSHKOSH TRUCK CORP 27.48;PS DOOR SERVICES 6,940.01;TITAN MACHINERY 345.73;RYDELL CHEVROLET CO 86.46;SANITATION PRODUCTS 23,301.57;SIMONSON LUMBER CO 490.32;STAR TRIBUNE 1,001.00;STONE'S MOBILE RADIO 140.83;SURPLUS CENTER 91.92;SWEENEY BROTHERS 896.44;VALDAK CORPORATION 203.11;VALLEY PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT INC 684.21;VILANDRE HEATING,AIR & PLUMBNG 115.94;MELIN, BRUCE 4.19;KIMBALL MIDWEST 1,133.86;TRAFFIC CONTROL CORP 531.00;AE ADVANCED ENGINEERING INC 3,141.08;THE UPS STORE #1609 23.60;FASTENAL CO 174.77;LASER SYSTEMS INC 628.98;NEW VISION TRUCK ACCESSORIES 2,400.00;DAKOTA FIRE PROTECTION 57.50;HARDWARE HANK 77.85;TESSCO 135.39;XEROX CORP 17.35;SIMONSON STATION STORES 52.51;PRAXAIR DISTRIBUTION 334.56;TONY ANDERSON CONSTRUCTION INC 1,625.00;MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES 286.00;GENERAL SECURITY SERVICES CORP 2,419.65;RED RIVER VALLEY COMM ACTION 54,850.00;ALL REASONS SELF STORAGE 2,417.76;#1 GLASS PRO'S INC 41.25;BATTERIES PLUS 80.56;DRUMMER'S DIESEL 205.10;H.E. EVERSON COMPANY 227.42;THE FORUM 306.75;CDW GOVERNMENT INC 118.77;T&T OUTFITTERS 624.99;RDO TRUCK CENTER GF 77.48;BOBCAT OF GRAND FORKS 49.75;RICHARDS LAW OFFICE 382.50;DIAMOND CLEANING SUPPLY 225.00;AMERICAN TIRE SOUTH INC 2,862.87;BALCO UNIFORM COMPANY INC 193.00;BUSINESS ESSENTIALS INC 21.84;G&K SERVICES INC 514.74;FORUM COMMUNICATIONS PRINTING 448.64;INT'L ECONOMIC DEV COUNCIL 345.00;STEVE'S SATELLITE SALES & SVC 212.00;ALTRU HEALTH SYSTEMS 5.00;REED CONSTRUCTION DATA 179.58;HEPPER OLSON ARCHITECTS LTD 515.37;RADISSON HOTEL-BISMARCK 220.00;RBB ELECTRIC INC 488.73;NDSU-VETERINARY DIAGNOSTIC LAB 47.00;ITD 625.00;R & L REPAIRS INC 207.40;RIVER CITY JEWELERS 235.00;DEITZ, JEREMY 72.45;BURGGRAF'S ACE HARDWARE 11.48;KALASH & PETTIT 3,476.97;MINNESOTA GLOVE & SAFETY INC 2,311.21;O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 11.96;ADVANCE AUTO PARTS 11.14;GRZADZIELSEKI, JASON 72.45;NORTH CENTRAL TRUCK EQUIPMENT 64.54;LITHIA OF GRAND FORKS #176 57.40;TRAFFIC FIBER SYSTEMS LLC 2,784.00;ND DEPT OF HEALTH 50.00;RDO EQUIPMENT CO 91.64;JIM'S TOWING INC 95.00;COALITION FOR A HEALTHY GGF 200.00;GRANT, CHRISTOPHER 72.45;EXCEPTIONAL PARENT MAGAZINE 34.95;COMMERCIAL POOL & SPA SUPPLIES 235.00;CUSTOM GRAPHICS SIGNS & DESIGN 1,019.00; USCC SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION 2,700.00. 7.2 Minutes - March 16, 19 and 30, 2009 - motion by Bjerke/Bakken to approve minutes; carried unanimously. 10. ADJOURNMENT - motion by Bjerke/Gershman to adjourn; carried unanimously. (These minutes are subject to the city council's review and revision.) (April 14, 2009)

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