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Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith

Vilandre Announces Retirement

Wilma Smith will officially retire on December 31, 2018. She started her career at Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Seamless Gutter on October 13, 1986.

Over the past 32 years, there is a high probability that Wilma has talked with just about every customer that has dialed our number. The service technicians that have arrived at our customer's homes were, in most cases, directed there by Wilma. It is also believed, that Wilma could walk or drive our company daily deposit to our bank, blindfolded. She has been the face and the voice of our company for many years.

If after all these years, you have not had the chance to stop in our office and put a face with the voice youve talked to so many times, please come to our open house to meet and congratulate Wilma, the person who has been assisting our customers for over 32 years.

Thank you, Wilma for your dedication, commitment and loyalty to our customers and to our family at Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Seamless Gutter.

Wilma plans include continuing to care for her husband John, of 48 years, taking long walks and long bike rides and spending valuable time with her family and grandchildren. She might even consider that "perfect part time job, if its out there.

Congratulations Wilma! What a wonderful career! We have been blessed. Again, stop by our Open House at 701 N. 7th St, on Friday, November 16, 2018, from 2pm to 5pm.