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Allensworth- Dobrovich

Allensworth- Dobrovich

Marina Dobrovich and John K. Allensworth today announce their engagement to marry in Linton, ND.

Marina is the daughter of Tatyana and Boris Mikolan, of Odessa, Ukraine.

Dr. Marina Dobrovich, M.D. is a 1992 graduate of Odessa Medical University. She presently is hoping to spend a few weeks visiting, with her chosen man, John Allensworth, America, the beautiful.

Dr. Dobrovich is amazed at the lively and gracious acceptance she has received since she and her beloved, John Allensworth have been together. They will visit family and travel, the breadth of our country. And to enjoy some of the natural and cultural treasures of our United States.

John is a 1967 graduate of Linton High School of Linton, ND as a 1976 graduate of University of North Dakota in Psychology. A writer and a politically active man, Mr. Allensworth is planning a series of socially helpful books, of which he is an acknowledged and reputable authority.

John and Marina's marriage is planned for May 28, 2018 at Peace Lutheran Church in Linton, North Dakota. After the marriage and an extended honeymoon, the couple will plan their lives together and according to their shared interests. These shared interests include better and more language programs. Another emphasis they share is the training of objective critical thinking for more successful outcomes, personally, socially, and institutionally in the United States of America.