Marilyn Hagerty: Dear Santa, Please remember everyone who helps Grand Forks all year

The magic, the wonder and joy of Christmas surround us all around Grand Forks this week.

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Santa Claus,

The magic, the wonder and joy of Christmas surround us all around Grand Forks this week. On these days, the children don’t fight. And there’s a quiet sense of urgency on the last days before Christmas.

There’s last minute shopping to do. Christmas cards to get in the mail.

And the question at the end of the week is whether to open gifts on Christmas Eve or wait until Christmas morning.

On days like this we think of Christmas in the past. The best gift I remember is a big orange tricycle. I had it for years. And of course, there were Shirley Temple dolls back in the olden days.


This year, I think you should remember Mayor Brandon Bochenski because he has been busy looking after our city. He probably has to get out and get something for his wife and leave it to Santa to take care of the children. Kathy and Hal Gershman should have something special for all their service and gifts to UND.

The Lions clubs have once again done a fantastic job of lighting up Lincoln Park for the holidays. When I rode through the park on a bus, it seemed the display was even bigger and better than in years gone by. The lights brighten the nights.

As a matter of fact, Santa, there are lights all over the Grand Forks area this Christmas season. The south end of the city is aglow. It seems like more than ever. And 18th Avenue off Cherry Street has a couple of houses that would amaze you. I hope you can take enough time to be amazed!

Your friend, Marilyn

P.S. I can’t get out to all the basketball games at UND, but I am listening on the radio. The women’s team has a big game coming up Wednesday night with the team from NDSU.

And I know you can’t do everything, Santa, but could you bring a new necktie for Mark Hadlich and another tennis racket for Grant Paranica?

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