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AppSnap: Make It Magnifique pairs cheese and wine

FARGO--I pretend to know what I'm doing when I stroll up to a cheese counter or walk wine aisles.

Brie with sauvignon blanc, right? But what if I'm feeling a red?

A new app called Make It Magnifique takes the guesswork out of choosing. Using a simple slot machine-like pairing device, the free app--available for both Android and iPhones--creates tasty cheese, wine and food combinations.

For instance, if you have a wedge of Comté (one of my favorite French cheeses), select Comté from the first column and hit the lock button below so the cheese option won't change. Then, click spin and the app will come up with a wine and food pairing with a recipe. Keep spinning to see different options.

If there's a wine you want to pair with cheese and food, lock in the wine and let the app select cheese and food.

For pizza, the app suggests pinot gris or a glass of Beaujolais.

If you're drinking rosé (as you should be; it's summer), Make It Magnifique suggests some Brie on the cheeseboard.

However, you won't find pairings or recipes that include cheddar or goat cheese. The app, launched by The Cheeses of Europe Marketing Council, only features cheeses of France currently. The recipes provided by the app encourage users to cook with and eat French cheese.

The food pairing options are not endless, either. In fact, they're really limited. But the app could give users ideas of meals with similar flavor profiles that would pair well with certain wines or cheeses.

I like the app because it inspires me to try something new--malbec and mac and cheese, anyone?

With increasingly more options available at grocery stores, the app could help people prepare a meal with an unfamiliar cheese or put together a cheese plate with new tastes.

I won't tell your friends that you used an app to choose your cheese plate and wine. It'll be our secret.

Rating: Three out of five stars because the cheese and wine options are limited, and some of the cheeses aren't available locally.

Anna G. Larson

Anna G. Larson is a features reporter with The Forum who writes a weekly column featuring stylish people in Fargo-Moorhead. Larson graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in journalism and joined The Forum in July 2012. She's a Fargo native who enjoys travel, food, baking, fashion, animals, coffee and all things Midwestern. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @msannagrace 

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