Peter Foss owns and operates Foss Construction in Devils Lake. I don’t know anything about his business.

But I decided on Sunday that he is my favorite performer in “Life Could Be a Dream.” That’s the delightful Doo-Wop Musical this summer at Frost Fire Summer Theatre near Walhalla.

The five member cast is outstanding. There’s Caitlin Becks of Manvel, Nick Hovey who is a student at North Dakota State University, and Sam Rath and Drew Relling of Grand Forks. Also Peter Foss who has become familiar with area theater goers. He has performed at Fire Hall Theatre in Grand Forks and Fort Totten Little Theatre.

The show at Frost Fire will be playing 10 more times this summer season. The shows are at 2 p.m. Wednesday this week and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday.

The show moves right along. It is cleverly staged including use of an old fashioned telephone.

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We found an excellent dinner service available in the lodge before the show.

Once inside, the theatre was hot even though there is open air on two sides. The idea was to use hand fans available. They helped. The show was so entertaining most people forgot about being too warm.

The pit orchestra is composed of Emily Bibow, Spencer Black, Anita Mathison, Joshua Rau and Alex Stroth, all of Grand Forks. Amy Jo Paukert and David Paukert, who live in Michigan, N.D., head up the production team. It includes Sara Larson, Grand Forks; Charity Stegman, Cavalier; Carol Clark, Walhalla, and Pete and Pat Danielson who live near Frost Fire Theatre.

North from Larimore

Almost as pleasant as watching the show is the drive up north through fields of green and gold and skies of blue. There are pine trees all over and many elegant country homes. We drove north from Larimore on Highway 32. With Joan and Dennis Johnson and some of their family members we enjoyed the scenery which must be the most beautiful in North Dakota.

Beyond this, we agreed, it must be some of the most beautiful land anywhere.

North to Kennedy

Getting out and about is the joy of summer. On Thursday, all roads lead to Kennedy, Minn., for the kickoff of the 130th anniversary of its founding. There will be a hotdish competition at 5:30 p.m., according to Cecil “Butch” Fossell.