Summer's over – a deep clean might be in your future, says Grand Forks Merry Maids

The following story was published in the Grand Forks Herald's Oct. 23, 2021, Home Improvement section.

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A Merry Maids employee uses a vacuum to clean a hallway. (Submitted photo)

The fun of summer has ended. Now, many Grand Forks residents will want to start any cleaning projects they want done for the season.

The Herald sat down with Kimberly O’Connor at Merry Maids to discuss what cleaning services it and other cleaning companies do during this time of year.

O’Connor said much of what customers seek is to be prepared for being inside a lot, which consists of cleaning cabinet tops, clearing away cobwebs and cleaning areas that may be neglected for much of the year.

“We’re doing a lot of one-time deep cleans right now,” O’Connor said. “They’re going in and getting everything cleaned up because they’re going to be shutting them down, and there’s going to be no windows open or anything for the next few months. They’re doing those deep cleans where we get into all those nooks and crannies.”

One-off deep cleans are good for people who want their houses cleaned for the season who will be inside for much of it, but O’Connor said it is also useful for people who are expecting family or friends to come over and spend holidays with them in the next few months.


“That’s one thing off their list that they don’t have to do while they’re preparing their meals, buying presents or whatever the case may be,” O’Connor said. “They ask us to come in and do that one-time deep clean for them while they can take care of the rest of the planning.”

However, many people are also signing up for regular services instead of one-off deep cleans. Merry Maids offers a once weekly, biweekly, triweekly or monthly service to clean customers’ houses and other spaces.

Availability for that service depends, but O’Connor said those who want to schedule it should do so at least a week ahead of time.

“We’re actually ramping up for one of our busiest times of the year,” O’Connor said. “It starts in the fall, and then it goes all the way through Christmas. We’re seeing an uptrend in jobs that people are asking for us.”

Has the pandemic impacted the amount of business cleaning businesses do over the winter? O’Connor said it does, but the summer can also be a busy time even when some people leave the area.

“Yes and no,” O’Connor said. “Yes, because they’re realizing they’re spending more time in the house, and the more time they spend in the house, the more things are going to get dirtier faster because they’re using more surfaces. In the pandemic, maybe they’re also noticing maybe just that little deep cleaning that we can provide for them, and the sanitation and disinfection that we can provide for them. But, people tend to become very active in the summer, and then they have their lake places, so they do call us to take care of their home in Grand Forks or the surrounding area while they’re out at the lake.”

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