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Recycling tips for Grand Forks area

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--In Grand Forks, all recycling can be thrown into one big bin, with no sorting involved. But while we might think we are doing our part--sometimes our carelessness can do the exact opposite.

“You should do it no matter where you live you just gotta do it whenever you can to help the earth,” said local resident, Katelyn Corcoran.

For many, recycling is a way of life.

“We recycle newspapers or milk cartons--basically we try to recycle everything we can, you know? Because it's good for the environment,” said Corcoran.

But sometimes are we doing more harm than good.

“There are certain commodities that have more difficulty in recycling,” said Public Works Operations Director, Leah Rae Amundson.

For example - a greasy - cheesy pizza box.

“With recycling we do ask that we do some rinsing some light rinsing of the containers and things like pizza boxes just make sure there's not a lot of food on those and then they are recyclable for the most part,” said Amundson.

Another common recyclable is plastic.

“Grocery bags do not generally go into the curbside recycling program those can be accepted at some of the big box stores on a take back program and because of the narrow end market for those materials, those light plastics that's the best way to get those recycled,” said Amundson.

Recycling the wrong things - from dirty boxes to styrofoam - could cost a little green while trying to go green.

“We just ask for some reasonable accommodations for that to make sure that the end markets can accept those materials,” said Amundson.

“I think if we can do something and there's some value in it we should help,” said local Mike Jones.

Remembering these tips makes your effort to recycle effective.