MARILYN HAGERTY'S THAT REMINDS ME: 1911 saw high schoolers tie UND on gridiron

UND Sioux teams were called the Flickertails 100 years ago. And the Herald said the football team was putting up the poorest brand of football seen in Grand Forks in a number of years.

UND Sioux teams were called the Flickertails 100 years ago. And the Herald said the football team was putting up the poorest brand of football seen in Grand Forks in a number of years.

The team let the Grand Forks high school 11 to hold them to a 5-5 tie.

UND could score only one touchdown in 34 minutes of play.

Later in the month, the Flickertails won a game from their alumni. They lost 12 to 3 in their game with Macalester College and 9 to 6 to Carleton.

UND students held a big rally before the game with Hamline here, but the Flickertails lost in a hard-fought game. The Hamline men returned to camp "badly crippled" after their game with UND, the Herald reported.


Football aside, the Herald reflected a thriving city of Grand Forks in October 1911:

** The new City Hall was to open Nov. 1. The building was fully equipped, and the Herald predicted the people of the city would be proud. There were plans for an evening program.

** A tabulation revealed there were 39 factories in Grand Forks 100 years ago. They provided employment for more than 600.

** The Herald ushered in Halloween 100 years ago by saying, "While Chief of Police Lowe has not yet issued any orders for the officers in regard to the conduct on Tuesday night, it is believed he will not object to a little harmless fun on the part of boys and girls. It is certain there will be no rowdiness or destruction of property permitted.

"Young people should govern themselves accordingly."

** Wesley College and its president, Dr. E.P. Robertson, were enthusiastically endorsed at the close of the annual convention. The proposal was made to move the school to Bismarck or Mandan, N.D. Rev. A.L. Shute of Bismarck said there was a crying need for a college in the "slope country."

But following a lengthy discussion, it was decided to keep the school in Grand Forks.

** Red River Power Co. ran an ad telling renters how to ask landlord to wire their houses for electric light. The power company offered a coupon good for 20 percent off on house wiring.


** A YMCA Day was held in churches to launch a campaign for a "splendid" building pictured in the Herald. It was a great success, raising $6,000 toward the $8,000 goal.

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The airplane was a fascination in 1911. Fifteen thousand saw Tom Goey of Grand Forks fly in Duluth. It was reported that he "dipped, double dipped and glided."

He was in complete control of the first airplane ever seen by the Duluth crowd, according to the Duluth News-Tribune.

But on Oct. 24, 1911, there was a report that McGoey's biplane was wrecked when the aircraft's engine went dead. A remarkable series of flights by the local aviator was broken at Calumet, Mich., when the engine failed.

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Signs of the times:

** On Oct. 25, 1911, John Nelson and Joe Thomas, transients in Grand Forks, were arrested on charges of attempting to steal five pairs of trousers from the C.H. Opsahl clothing store.


The two men entered the store while Opsahl was alone, and while one kept Opsahl busy showing him some hats, the other moved around the table containing the suits. He was wearing a long coat and proceeded to tuck away five pairs of trousers under it.

The man stopped at four, however, for Mr. Opsahl saw him put the fifth pair under his coat and grabbed him. Frank Hankey, a clerk who just returned to the Opsahl Store, helped Opsahl hold the two men until the police arrived. The prisoners were to be arraigned in police court the next day.

** Sunday dinner was a ritual in 1911. Hotel Dacotah had orchestra music during dinner. The Eastgate Brothers, located four miles northwest of Larimore, N.D, served a real North Dakota dinner at Willowbank Farm. It was made with North Dakota products.

The menu included: Cream of tomato soup, bread crisp, cucumber and crabapple and muskmelon pickles, roast turkey with dressing, fried chicken, cold boiled ham, English light pudding, brown gravy, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, creamed corn, baked squash, cabbage salad, apple pie, pumpkin pie, currant jelly, clover honey, rye or whole wheat bread, butter and tea, coffee or milk.

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