Marilyn Hagerty: Residents mull southern migration

Marilyn Hagerty

Dear Sandy Mason,

They’re coming. You are going to be seeing the first wave of winter residents arriving down there in Arizona before long. The question you hear around our streets is “When are you leaving?” The other question is, “What are you giving the kids on Halloween?”

Well, I have some treats set aside, but I don’t look for platoons of ghosts and goblins on Cottonwood Street. There are so many other Halloween events. It’s fun to see the little kids in their costumes. Most of us turn off the lights when the older crews (kind of professionals) show up.

Bare naked

Most of our trees are bare naked by now. A few still are hanging onto their leaves. Some people keep pumping water out of their basements. The excessive autumn rains set sump pumps into action all over. My lift station at the corner of Belmont Road and 15 th Avenue South has a pain in its side from hard work. The Red River thinks it is spring and climbed up over its banks.


And I talked to a man who told me he is dealing with mice in his basement.

I suppose hearing all this makes you happy you have moved to Arizona. Still all is not gloomy around here. Street crews are picking up branches from recent winds. The UND hockey team won two games over the weekend. The UND football team managed an exciting win over Montana State. And the half time show by the UND Marching Band was fantastic.

Memorial Stadium

Jim Wolfe was up here from Fargo enjoying the football game on Saturday. Seeing him was a reminder of the long-gone days when we watched the outdoor games wearing winter gear to Memorial Stadium.

Originally from Minot, Wolfe came here and played on the UND teams in 1956, ’57 and ’58. He likes to remember winning a conference championship.

I am trying to think of what years you and Earl lived here. I know he is listed as professor emeritus of civil engineering. And you taught art for the park district.

Well, time marches on but fond memories endure.

Best wishes from the east side of the Red River still flowing north.

Your friend, Marilyn.


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