Marilyn Hagerty: Celebrating the good things in Grand Forks right now

This seems like the time for a celebration.

Marilyn Hagerty

The YMCA celebrated its 135th birthday in Grand Forks yesterday.

The fitness center, gyms, racquetball courts and swimming pool were all open at no charge.

This seems like the time for a celebration. The gardens are reaching their peak. They all sill be remembered next January.

With classes starting at UND, this always is a most exciting time of year. And this year, the city schools are back in session. Masks are the vogue.

Soon there will be potatoes coming in from the fields around Grand Forks.


And part of the joy of living in Grand Forks is to feast on the potatoes that accidently fall off trucks as they go through town. As they say around here, summer isn’t over until it’s over.

Tea and chuckles

Watching for interesting license plates is one of the habits on the EatBeat. Among those seen around Grand Forks lately are P CHIE, HOT ONE, HOT TEA, CHUCKLES and LARS I.

32,000 trees

For most people, a couple trees are enough. Maybe three.

But Sean Lee and the crews from the Grand Forks park district keep their eyes on 32,000 trees on the berms around Grand Forks. The older trees, he says, have been doing OK this year. Younger trees were needing more water. And next spring, he predicts they will plant more different kinds of trees

Flowers planted all around the city are at their peak right now. The city parks are beautiful. They are so inviting that they traditionally invite more couples to hold weddings.

At any rate, caring for the city’s trees is a year round job. There’s no more planting in the works for this year. Maybe next year.

Pete and Eunice

Cheerful people of the week: Pet Kuhn and Eunice Kuhn.

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