Marilyn Hagerty: Celebrating Flag Day next week

The flag will be flying from homes and offices buildings on Monday. It’s Flag Day.

Marilyn Hagerty

“The United States government through the American Legion wishes to present to you this flag under which our comrade lived and died.”

With those words, the late Mayor Cyril O’Neill of Grand Forks handed the flag to families of veterans at more than 1,000 funerals. It was a moment he – like other mayors -- considered sacred.

The flag will be flying from homes and offices buildings on Monday. It’s Flag Day.

And along with the reminder to fly the flag, the second weekend of June rolls around with Art in the Park returning to University Park. Golf balls are flying high. And fish are biting.

These are the days people dream of in January. Days of spring and summer swiftly flee.


New dates

Beyond the joy of summer’s entry, there is anticipation of class reunions that were cancelled now rescheduled for the Grand Forks city schools. The new plans are out in the recent edition of the Red Cent Newsletter published by the alumni network.

Central High School classes of 1960 and 1961 will combine their reunions not held in 2020 to Sept. 17-19 this year.

Central and Red River High School classes of 1971 are planning their 50th reunion Aug. 6-7.

The 40th reunion and joint gathering for the 1981 classes of Central and Red River High Schools is being planned for Sept. 10-11 this year at King’s Walk Golf Course.

Central and Red River Classes of 1970 are planning a 50th reunion Aug. 13-14 at the Grand Forks Country Club. Contact persons are Nancy Hvinden of Red River and Barry Branvold of Central High.

Tentative dates for a 50th reunion of the Red River Class of 1972 are July 29-31 of 2022.

Ask Marilyn

Q. How come so many cars are heading west this weekend?

A. They don’t what to miss the opening of the season at Medora. It’s the Rough Riders Roundup.


Q. What kind of license plates have been seen around here lately?


Cheerful people

Who are the Cheerful People of the Week?

Jody Thompson and Laurie LaHaise

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