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October is sudden infant death syndrome awareness month

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GRAND FORKS - Not only is October breast cancer awareness month---it's sudden infant death syndrome awareness month.

A local group is doing their part to prevent SIDS.

Safe Kids Grand Forks is offering these tips to keep babies safe while they sleep, don't put any blankets pillows or stuffed animals in the baby's crib.

Keep infants on a firm surface, like a crib mattress, and not an adult bed or chair.

While Safe Kids says co-sleeping is a controversial topic, they recommend against it.

“There are lots and lots of studies that will show how parents have just rolled over in their sleep and it's enough to push the baby's face into say a pillow top mattress or into that bedding. It doesn't take much pressing down on that baby to cover up their mouth and nose,” Safe Kids Grand Forks employee Carma Hanson said.

Each year, about 2,000 babies in the US die from SIDS.