Cheese tostados, burgers and fries, grinders, hot beef, soup, chili.

You name it. Someone around Grand Forks is eating it. Food flies around tournaments time. Fans need a bite to eat when there’s a break in hockey or half time for basketball.

When it’s really cold outside, customers at Bonzer’s Sandwich Pub downtown go heavy on soup and chili. They like nachos and hot sandwiches, says Melissa Bonzer. There are calls for chili dogs. And people ask for a spicy beef sandwich.

When there’s a break in the action during hockey games at the Ralph, hockey fans head for snack bars that surround the sports center. Most hockey fans have their favorites, and many are found only at the Ralph.

Meanwhile, business stays much the same whether it’s hot or cold at Five Guys Burgers and Fries on 32nd Avenue South. One of the supervisors said customers choose their own toppings and create their own “feasts.” The most expensive burger is $9.

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Things are quite different in area towns where people like homemade soup, according to Melody Olson at Beaver’s Café in nearby Minto, N.D. She said customers in the cold of winter like hot beef sandwiches with potatoes and gravy. And then there’s the casseroles. One of them sometimes known as funeral hotdish is made with elbow macaroni, tomato soup, corn and well, hamburger.

Soup is selling well at the Red Pepper, 1011 University Ave. One of the managers said customers this winter are asking for cheese tostados. And they order grinders which range on up from a moderate price of $6.44.

While restaurants are serving according to the limitations of the coronavirus regulations, most have arrangements for deliveries to homes. Some use delivery services. Others, such as the Olive Garden, have a pickup service at the restaurant. The Olive Garden continues inside serving its favorite fare including chicken alfredo as well as soups, salads and breadsticks.

The restaurant scene includes an array of places in Grand Forks that are open every day. They include long time restaurants such as the Panda Buffet at 2451 S. Columbia Road with doors open from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.