October rolls round, and the Eatbeat leads to coffee houses. Some people go pheasant hunting. Some people carve pumpkins. Some people can tomatoes. Or pickle cucumbers.

In October, I follow my favorite trail. It takes me from one Grand Forks coffee shop to another. I sip, and I savor. I contemplate the long winter ahead. And I am filled with wonder over how long the plague of coronavirus will hang over the world.

Urban Stampede, 324 Kittson Ave., is one of my stops, where there are reminders on the wooden floor for customers to stay 6 feet apart. The décor reflects days of yore. It is comfortable and inviting as a place to sip coffee and savor the days of autumn.

Located near the heart of the downtown business district, the Urban Stampede has been around for 27 years. And owners lay claim to its being the oldest coffee shop in North Dakota.

“It was ahead of its time,” says Jonathan Holth.

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Along with his wife, Emily, he now owns the comfortable old shop with two other couples: Caroline Mishleau and Shawn Clapp, and Justin and Andrea Auch.

In late afternoon, the sun shines through the big windows of the coffee shop. Some customers sit at little round tables outside. Others, who seem to be students, work away at the tables. They stay a long time. Others come and go. There is little chit chat among the students.

Taste of coffee drinkers varies with the seasons. At this time, there are calls for pumpkin pie latte and white Russian chai.

This is not New York City, and I am not a connoisseur. But late in the afternoon, there’s a sense of adventure that comes from watching the traffic while holding a cup of coffee or a latte at Starbucks, 623 S. Washington St.

From a chair by the fireplace within Starbucks, I enjoy studying traffic at the intersection of South Washington Street and DeMers Avenue.

With a latte in hand, I watch the trucks and cars going in every direction. These days there are trucks loaded with sugar beets.

Billboards along DeMers are full of advice. One reminds people in passing to get their flu vaccinations. Another says bowling leagues are being organized. A school bus from Roseau was in the ongoing, ever-flowing parade of cars on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Pumpkin bread from the counter tastes good with late afternoon coffee.

The coffee trail continues in the week ahead. Meanwhile, the Eatbeat takes issue with a recent report from WalletHub. It says Seattle is one of the top 20 cities for coffee lovers. It also lists San Francisco, Portland, Miami, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Denver, Oakland, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Boston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Irvine, Calif., New Orleans, Austin, Texas, and Jersey City, N.J.

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