Name: Justin Eiler

Age: 38

Fargo, North Dakota

Justin Eiler loves a good adventure.

This Fargo dad is happiest when he’s able to get outside and explore a new trail or park with a camera in his hand. Inspired by his experience in graphic design, Justin looks for unique geometric shapes and textures when on an outdoor photo adventure.

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Taking photos is both passion and purpose for Justin. He’s worked as a photographer at North Dakota State University for almost five years.

Eiler also loves to travel. Some of his favorite places to visit have been Seville, Spain, where he says every street is like a movie set, and the Portugal countryside, which is like a fairytale with beautiful palaces and gardens. Closer to home, Justin says Utah is filled with some of the most stunning landscapes: Arches National Park is his all-time favorite.

But Justin also has his own adventures at home. He and his wife Michelle are parents to two boys, ages 11 and 9.

Being a dad keeps Justin busy, and he enjoys spending time with the boys and especially loves a good game of backyard soccer.

Here’s a glimpse into this outdoorsy dad’s life.

1. Three words I would use to describe myself...

adventurous, curious, adaptable.

2. The talent I wish I had..

singer. I would love to learn to play guitar.

3. The talent I’m most proud of…

dominating at Pictionary.

4. What I wanted to be/ do when I was a child…

professional baseball player.

5. My favorite thing to do with free time is...

play soccer in the backyard with my kids. Also, getting outside for a walk or bike ride.

6. What we enjoy doing together as a family…


7. The best part of my job is

getting away from my desk and out on campus on a nice day.

8. I want to teach my children about…

treating others with respect and being kind.

9. If your wife described you in three words, she would say…

eats too much.

10. I’m happiest when…

I'm exploring a new city/park/trail with a camera in hand.

11. What does being a dad mean to you…

It means I have a responsibility to raise two boys who will make a positive impact on others and the world around them.

12. How have you been spending your time during this pandemic…

It’s been one Zoom meeting after another. In between those I’ve been helping our boys with their school work and trying to get outside as much as possible.

13. What have you learned about yourself during this time…

I would be a terrible teacher — a huge “thank you” to all the educators out there.

14. What has been the best part about this change in routine..

learning new skills as I adapt to working remotely.

15 What has been the most difficult part…

staying focused.

16. Cooking at home or takeout..

I’d rather cook at home and I’ve always been that way. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from making your own meals.

17. What is the one meal you could (and maybe do) eat over and over again

BLTs — double bacon.

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