GRAND FORKS - A house of worship is getting a lot of unexpected visitors.

What was once a popular bowling alley in East Grand Forks is now a mosque.

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A bowling alley turned mosque is now open on the east side of the Red River.

"It's actually been a good experience for us in the community," said secretary Mohamed Mohamed. The East Grand Forks Islamic Center has been open for about a month.

But some people think it's still an after-school hangout spot.

"People come in thinking it's a bowling alley. We actually felt bad they came in and find it’s not a bowling alley," said Mohamed.

The center's secretary says the building served as a bowling alley since the 70s.

But the owners decided last summer it was time to sell.

That's when a deal was made to change the lanes into a prayer space.

"First the religious service for the community. And second is to be an active center where people come in if they have questions about Islam or anything that's going on in the community they can answer it," said Mohamed.

More than 40 people prayed at one of five daily services today.

The hope here is for the center to serve the community.

“Mostly want to have activities for the younger ones and wanted to have an after school program where the kids come, get help with their homework," said Mohamed.

A welcoming space.

“Our goal is to serve everybody, Muslims and non-Muslims alike."