Eatbeat: Texas Roadhouse offers good food with convenient pick up option

The menu offers a full range of starters, salads, steaks, ribs and combos.

Marilyn Hagerty

Whatever it takes.

That seems to be the motto for restaurants around Grand Forks struggling to stay in business in these days of the coronavirus plague.

Restaurants now follow regulations for distance seating. They offer delivery. They work with delivery services. And they make arrangements for picking up orders.

With a neighbor, Jan Kurtyka, I found the pickup service at Texas Roadhouse fairly quick and easy. That is, it was easy for me because JK is quick and nimble online. She called the order in ahead.

We ordered an All-American cheeseburger at $9.99 for JK and a pulled pork dinner with a house salad at $10.99 for me.


Then we drove over to the Texas Roadhouse where there is a parking section near a service window. Customers were coming and going with quick pickups made through the window. We waited less than 20 minutes and watched cars whiz up and out with orders.

A tip of $2.10 was made on our total bill of $24.65 including tax.

Although the to-go service window was busy, there also were customers choosing indoor dining. The large restaurant at 3200 32nd Ave. S., these days is allowed to accommodate 50% or 150 of its capacity of 300 people.

Although there are restaurants with mainly inside services, the outdoor pickups or deliveries are popular around Grand Forks.

The Christmas prime rib and roasts that can be cooked at home were well received at Texas Roadhouse, according to Jacob Guthmiller, kitchen manager.

My pulled pork dinner was tender and tasty. With it I chose green beans, and they seemed just right with the tender pork. And it came with a house salad. The burger with steak fries got a “yummy” response from JK.

The menu offers a full range of starters, salads, steaks, ribs and combos. Then it lists chicken specialties, country dinners including pork chops and dockside seafood items. There are burgers and sandwiches and a listing for children under 12.

The pickup to-go service is offered between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m.


The restaurant managers say it is their way of offering no-contact visits.

Texas Roadhouse

3200 32nd Ave. S.

Telephone: 701-745-7427

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