Eatbeat: Restaurants take diverse routes

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Some deliver. Some offer pickup service. Some do both. Some have temporarily closed. Restaurants around Grand Forks have stepped up with curbside or delivery service just a phone call away.

When I felt the Olive Garden calling Thursday evening, I found curbside as well as delivery service available.

Driving up to the door at suppertime was easy. The spaghetti with meat sauce ($12.99) was a tried-and-true choice to take home. The server stepped out to greet me and bring my order to the car.

Earlier, Rickey Ward, the general manager, had said: “We are doing the best we can.”

Hanging in

Like the Olive Garden, most restaurants are hanging in there during these devastating days of coronavirus.


At China Garden, customers call ahead TO 772-0660 and pick up orders during these days. The popular choices include cheese wonton, sweet and sour chicken and General Tao chicken.

Temporarily closed

"We’re temporarily closed,” was the message on the telephone from the Red Lobster restaurant. “We look forward to serving you again soon.”

Burritos, enchiladas

Mexican Village, 1218 S. Washington St., is among the restaurants offering takeout or delivery orders. Ben Heit, co-owner, said phone call orders to the restaurant at 775-3653 are delivered by Bite Squad. He said the deliveries take about 20 minutes and more on weekends.

Pickup or deliver

Bonzer’s Sandwich Pub on DeMers Avenue is among the places keeping food available in downtown Grand Forks. Jason Honkola says most customers call ahead to 775-0365 then pick up their orders. However, there are deliveries available. On Mondays, customers look for a half-priced submarine sandwich. Then there’s a $6 French dip on Wednesdays as well as a Philadelphia dip on Fridays.

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