The swimming pools are opening. The classes of 2021 are on the way down memory lane. The grass is growing by leaps and bounds. The golf courses are alive.

Around here some of the peonies seem to be poking their heads through in all their glory. And they are asking one another, “Where did the peony show go this year?”

They sound sad.

Yep, the peonies reach their most glorious stages in June. While Grand Forks historically been a bright light in peony shows, the peonies are maybe just waiting to be asked.

Yellowed clippings from the Herald in years gone by are reminders of the peony shows. Way back when the late Frances Kannowski was director of the Grand Forks Park Board, she handed out instructions on how to cut peonies. Stems need to be 14-18 inches long with most foliage removed. Flowers can be kept in cold storage in deep jars. Of water.

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In 2003, when the peony show almost faltered, it was brought back by a citizens committee called BBPS – Bring Back the Peony Show.

Kegs coming back

The Kegs is coming back. The old drive-in, The Kegs, where carhops used get on roller skates and serve sloppy joes, is looking more ready to reopen. The present owners, who are restoring the Kegs are Laura and Becky Hanson and their brother, Rick Hanson.

And that is good news for the various people of Greater Grand Forks who are helping host class reunions coming up this summer.

Already, steady followings have been showing up for Blizzards and other Dairy Queens at the shops around the Forks. Though there is little parking, there were lines of customers over the weekend on the historical North End Dairy Queen.

That’s where people really enjoy Blizzards in the summer time.

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