Oh, what is so rare as a day in June?

The poet James Russell Lowell was asking that way back in the 1800s.

In June, he long ago wrote, “Now is the high tide of the year, and whatever of life has ebbed away comes flooding back with a ripply cheer – into every bare inlet, creek and bay.”

There’s no telling whether the poet ever had been in Grand Forks.

Sometimes I sit in the sun. I wonder if in the time of the poets there were summer camps for youngsters. I wonder if they could go swimming at the Elks Pool in Grand Forks or up at Riverside.

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Dogs seem to be leading their people all over Grand Forks these days – especially to Lincoln Park. It’s a home away from home for them. It’s a calm place for little dogs. Room to run for the big dogs full of adventure.

Along with dogs out romping around, there are more waiting for a chance to have a home. Along with kittens and other pets, thy are waiting at the South Forks mall for adoption. The animal center at the new place on North Washington Street is now alive with pets who need a home.

With the pets moving in, the South Forks center, the whole mall has come alive.

Two hearts, doubled

Meanwhile, as easily as you can say “two hearts,” bridge is back. While the serious players played through the worst of the pandemic, cautious soles avoided gatherings of any kind.

You wonder what high school graduates as years to by will tell their children about the school year that was.

The summer that stretches ahead will fly by – ever so quickly.

Still there are back to normal plans. There will be city band concerts on June 17 and 22. As always, they will be presented from the gazebo on the grounds of the Grand Forks Historical Society. And there are occasional weddings there.

Hiking along the Red. Fishing, golfing, biking. The joys of summer are unfolding. And who knows how many games the visiting Whiskey Jacks will win.

Shakespeare arriving

With the joy of summer stretching ahead, the virus seems almost in control.

Looking ahead, there will be Shakespeare in University Park this summer. “Midsummer Night Dream” will be at Frost Fire Theater in Pembina Gorge.

Then, too, Philip the Fly will arrive on July 1. Minnie the Mosquito doesn’t like evenings in Grand Forks – ever since residents started paying the city to spray.

And if Roland the Rabbit gets a whiff of the rabbit spray in the backyard – well, he might just take his darling wife elsewhere.

Cindy and Jody

Cheerful people of the week: Cindy O’Keefe and Jody Thompson.

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