Dear Sandy Mason,

These are the days when you might find a stray broken chair or a stove on a berm. There was an old rug in front of one house Sunday evening. And there was a little car sitting out in front of another.

This is cleanup week in Grand Forks. There are bunches of well used toys sitting around. People don’t seem to mind if others pick up their junk before the city crews get there.

As they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

You probably remember cleanup week from all the years you lived in Grand Forks while your husband Earl Mason was on the faculty at UND. I see he taught civil engineering and was a professor emeritus.

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You two probably went to plenty of football games. And you probably know that Coach Bubba Schweigert’s team had played in the playoff quarterfinals. The game was Sunday night, but they lost. Still, I am sure you agree that all the UND fans are pleased as punch with the season’s success – even though we aren’t used to football in May!

While it was a pleasure to have the UND football team playing on the national scene, it was a pain to hear them lose.

Stadium is gone

I’ve been watching football games at UND ever since we moved here in 1957. We kind of dressed up then for games. And we had our reserved seats in the stadium. It was great in the early fall, but very cold by the time the season ended. I remember going over to the Home of Economy and buying some very warm stockings.

I suppose you know the stadium is gone. Some people went out and brought home a brick to save as a memory of the good days there. But time marches on. You should see the campus now. The new Memorial Union looks as though it is about ready to open. There is so much going on along University Avenue that is makes my head spin when I drive through the campus.

Well, the times keep moving on. But some things stay the same. Most of our Arizona visitors are back north by now. I suppose some will be heading for the Bemidji area before long. Thank you for sending them home. I guess Bob Wood didn’t try to hold the annual gathering of people from the Grand Forks area because of the coronavirus. Let’s hope that in another year it will be a thing of the past. Or at lease under control.

I keep looking for Minnie the Mosquito and Philip the Fly to show up. We are having some nice May days. The time for raking is here. Then it’s the peonies and rhubarb and all the wonders of spring.

I know it is beautiful, too, in Arizona. And I sent my greetings.

Your friend, Marilyn, where the windows need washing after a long winter.