GRAND FORKS — Kaiser Schonert suffered a traumatic brain injury in mid-January, and he's been in the hospital ever since. The 16-year-old is an avid lover of motocross, hunting and fishing.

Kaiser was injured after a horseback riding accident. He was immediately airlifted to Sanford Health in Fargo. His family has been by his side the entire time.

"We're staying in the hospital, sleeping in the bed right next to him, not leaving his side," said Kaiser's father, Logan Schonert.

Kaiser had to undergo emergency brain surgery, then he was in a coma for two weeks. Most recently, he started going into septic shock. However, slowly and surely, he's getting mobility back and making progress.

"I'm incredibly proud of him, he's had a tough fight, and he's shown that he's very strong, and a real fighter," Logan Schonert said. "He's making steps and trying so hard."

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His parents, Logan and Melinda, have been giving to their Grand Forks community for decades. Logan as a Grand Forks firefighter and Melinda as a traveling nurse. She even helped fight COVID-19 in New York City.

Now the community is giving right back, and helping Kaiser overcome this crucial part of his journey. Friends and family setting up a GoFundMe, and reaching out to lend support.

"It feels good that everyone is supporting us, it's great to see that the community and friends and family can rally behind us in a time in need like this," Logan Schonert said.

Kaiser's road to recovery will be long and winding, but he's showing the courage and determination to prevail.

"There's a lot of recovery that comes with it, and it's up to him how long that takes," said Logan. "I just want him to know that I love him and I'm so proud of him... He's such a strong kid."