Dear Dave McFarlane,

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. But then, I haven’t written for a while, either. I got sidetracked. Anyway, I trust things are going as well as possible for all of you who have strayed to southwest Florida. How are things going? Winter, so far, has been pleasant around Grand Forks.

Even so, I see ads in the paper for bargain air rates to Arizona.

Games ahead

Our legislators have gone down to Bismarck. UND is back in session. More people are getting flu shots. The UND hockey team has been in Colorado. Winning! They played Colorado College in the World Arena. There are games scheduled here Jan. 22-23 with Colorado College. Seating is limited.

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There’s basketball coming up this weekend, too. My favorite team is the UND women, and they have had tough sledding so far this year. Still, I have a feeling they will be breaking out with a win. This weekend, I hope. The men and women’s games are with NDSU, and there will be a hot time at the Betty.

Meanwhile, we have just enough snow over at Lincoln Park for sledding. We actually could use more. I know you have grandchildren here in Grand Forks. This, so far, has been a beautiful winter – weather wise!

Havig Award

You may have sold your business here in Grand Forks, but the McFarlane Company goes on. And I know you are among those who have been honored receiving the Henry Havig award at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner.

With the pandemic, things are being done differently this year with a Chamber Zoom event on Feb. 4. The Havig award winner already announced is long-time state Sen. Ray Holmberg. He is now back down in Bismarck at the legislature. The winner last year was Kristi Magnuson Nelson.

Seems like most everything is different in these times. But life goes on.

And we are watching the Red River. Though it is closed, the Empire Arts Center is holding a contest. The idea is to predict thickness of the Red River ice at noon Feb. 12. Predictions cost $20 each. You could make a prediction.

I think I will drive downtown one of these days and study the river. My idea is that the ice could be 45 inches thick. In the olden days before refrigeration, we know the ice was harvested and stored for summer use. Just think of that!

Meanwhile, I send best regards to you and the others enjoying the warmth and dodging coronavirus on the golf courses.

Your friend, Marilyn, watching a big rabbit jumping nimbly around in the snow

Reach Marilyn Hagerty at or by telephone at (701) 772-1055.