Dear Dave McFarlane,

Thanks for letting me know you and Kathy made it back to Florida OK. That was after your 30-day and 6,000-mile RV trip.

You, like many others, have decided this summer it is much safer to travel that way. The only close contact you had was with attendants at gas stations. Otherwise, you were very well self contained in your bubble.

You listened to good satellite radio as you drove. You read books at night and watched television. And you even had your dog, Maggie, traveling with you.

Well, I guess you can feel comfortable and confident when you drive an RV that is 42 feet long and 12 feet, 10 inches high. Your elaborate GPS system guided you to each day’s final destination.

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And you will be back for family events in August. Practically all of your neighbors have left the Naples/Ft. Myers area. Well, did you say all? You find there is public COVID-19 testing at the Twins training camp stadium every day.

Weird times

These are weird, weird times. There are few, if any, people around now who remember the flu epidemic of 1918. But history tells us those were dangerous days. Fargo was hit hard.

Well, after all of your world travel in other years, you have this summer seen Theodore Roosevelt Park here in North Dakota. You didn’t miss Mount Rushmore or the Black Hills of South Dakota. And you notice that others in RVs are towing vehicles for getting out and around from campsites. That is the way of summer travel for 2020.

It must have been great following the Mississippi River all the way from Minneapolis to New Orleans. You found the back roads more enjoyable than interstates. And you found General Dollar stores every 5 miles along those routes.

Cautious approach

Here in Grand Forks, we try to avoid contact with the virus. So far, pretty good. But it is all around. I believe wearing a mask sends a message of respect for clerks and workers in stores. We get the Herald online now. We are careful to insure space all around when dining out.

Well, I have faith in the future. I just bought season tickets for football and basketball at UND this fall. And we know hockey players are keeping in shape.

We have to keep faith in the future. We have to make the most of these days.

So hang in there. I send best regards from the land where the skies are light and bright and the Red River of the North is flowing toward Winnipeg.

Your friend, Marilyn.

P.S. I went to two hardware stores looking for a bag of dirt to use in my yard. Guess what? No dirt.

Reach Marilyn Hagerty at mhagerty at or by telephone at (701) 772-1055.