Nobody asked her, but Mother Nature stepped in with a blizzard. Maybe she wants to give 2018 a memorable send-off this weekend. Maybe she wanted to restore a sense of reality to the holiday festivities.

Blizzards are always with us. In the files of the Grand Forks Herald, there are stories of blizzards past. Some around here may remember the blizzard that hit and raged for two days in March of 1966. There was the killer March blizzard of 1941 and the "big snow" winters of 1888 and 1896.

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Memories linger about the grueling days of the big flood of 1997. The Herald managed to keep publishing and later won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage.

When blizzards descend, I turn to the radio. I listen to hear what is going on right here in Grand Forks. What's closed. What's happening-and not happening. So this week of Christmas draws to its close with snow, wind, snowplows. And the radio in my house is tuned to KNOX. This week, the blizzard. Over the days of Christmas the station played beautiful music of the area. It had been recorded by Duaine Sanden.

New Year's Eve

As the last weekend of 2018 draws near. The question is, "What are you doing New Year's Eve."

Before Monday, there is basketball scheduled tonight at UND and hockey Saturday evening. Then women's basketball at 1 p.m. Sunday. In between times, there's hockey at The Ralph Saturday evening.

Time now to give thanks for gifts and pack up Christmas for another year.

Ask Marilyn

Q. How many kinds of birds did those watching find in their annual count this month?

A. Dave Lambeth says there were 48 different birds. Pigeons were most prevalent. The house sparrow count was down. And he says the birds feed heavily when a blizzard is coming on.

Q. What's with those license plates HEHDAD and HEHMOM you see around here?

A. They are the plates of Rick and Coleen Asche. Their three daughters are Holly, Emily and Heidi.

Q. What other interesting plates have been spotted around here?


Then there was L84TTYM and BEEBEEP.

Q. Who is your favorite player on the men's basketball team at UND?

A. Billy Brown.

Kirk and Lexi

Cheerful people of the week: Kirk Tingum and Lexi Klabo.

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