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Mistletoe vs. cozy cottages: States differ on favorite Hallmark holiday movies

This holiday season, millions of people are snuggling up at home, with hot cocoa and tissues in hand as they tune in to watch different variations of starstruck lovers fall for each other amid snowy backdrops and Christmas trees during this year's holiday Hallmark movies.

The CenturyLink study found that North Dakotans said "The Christmas Cottage" was the best movie, while Minnesotans favored "The Mistletoe Inn." Both movies feature unlikely romances budding during the holiday season.

"The Mistletoe Inn" is the most popular movie chosen by all states, followed by "The Christmas Train."

The study looked at which titles of Hallmark's 2017 Christmas movies were searched most in each state. Last year, 72 million viewers tuned in for Hallmark's Christmas movies.